The “National Bike to Work Day” is observed on the May 16th, nationwide. On this day most U.S cities encourage people to get their bikes out and ride to work. Riding a bike to work, when the day is beautiful outside, is lots of fun and also has other benefits. A simple physical activity such as riding your bike can improve your health, improve the air quality of the city that you live in, save you money and it also makes you happy. Below are 5 reasons why you should ride your bike to work.

1. Riding a bike to work is fun

The most important element to riding a bike is that it’s fun. Even if you don’t consider other benefits of bike riding, just getting on a bike and riding it will make you feel like you are flying. The fun will multiply several times if you ride your bike in a group and it also improves safety.

2. Riding a bike gives you a workout


A bike is like a gym on wheels. Many Americans are too busy to get any physical exercise. Riding will give you a good cardiovascular workout and boost your blood circulation. If you live close to work, so that a 30 minute ride could get you there, consider riding to work every day for the exercise. Most people don’t ride a bike to work because they think it takes too much time. However, if you live in the same area where you work, it could actually save you time. Many of us waste time in traffic and you would eliminate the need to go to the gym in your spare time.

3. Improve your coordination


When you ride your bike, it not only gives your heart and lungs a good workout, but it also improves your hand-to-eye coordination and balance. Many people with nerve disease have benefited from bike riding.

3. Keeps the air clean

When you think about air pollution and emissions, riding your bike could help to keep the air quality of your city cleaner. Traffic causes air pollution and carbon emission. Riding your bike to work every day is one way to decrease this air pollution. Fighting global warming is one of the toughest challenges that we are facing today and riding a bike can help to combat the energy crisis and global warming around the world.

4. Riding your bike saves you money

800px-Cyclists_at_red_2Here is a good reason to switch from four wheels to two wheels – money. When you bike, you will save money on your gas expenses. It has been estimated by the American Public Transit Association that an average American would save $10,174, annually, just by switching to public transport from driving their vehicles. You could save even more if you ride your own bike to work because riding your bike is free. On average, you could be saving over $10,000 a year if you ride your bike instead of driving your car.

It would be a good idea to find bike clubs or other group who are enthusiastic about riding bikes and join them in your neighborhood. You can soon start taking advantage of bike riding health benefits and also help the environment by reducing pollution.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network


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