Growing your own salad garden is the easiest and most cost-effective way of having fresh organic salads in your kitchen at all times. Here is how.  

Buying fresh organic salads could be expensive. If you would like to have fresh organic salad growing at home all the time, creating your own vertical salad garden could be the best way. You would have fresh salads at home all the time without spending a lot of money.

Having a vertical salad planter does not occupy much space, does not require much attention from you, and can be placed anywhere in your garden, on your rooftop, patio, or indoors. Having a vertical Aquaponic Tower Garden with removable layers or shelves would allow you to adjust the height and size of your vertical planter. Below are several ways you could create an amazing vertical salad garden.

1. Create a salad towerbutterfly-822835_1280

You could create your own vertical tower by using a large pot, 6 to 10 inch wide plastic tubes, some narrow tubing, and some compost. First, drill and cut planting holes in your biggest tubes. Your plants will grow through them, so you need to drill circles about 2 inches wide.  They need to be big enough to let the plants grow but not too big so that the plants fall out.

Your small tubes will act as a watering device, so you need to drill small holes in them too. Place your large tubes in the middle of your pots, filling the bottom a few centimeters with gravel, and rest with potting soil and organic fertilizers. You could make your own organic fertilizer with compost.

Place your small tubes inside the large tubes, keep a space between the tubes and fill with soil. Do not cover the top of your tubes. Now you can plant your salad plants in the planting tubes and water them through the small tubes.

2. Grow in a pallet

Here is an idea for using old pallets. If you have an old pallet lying around, you could use it to build your vertical garden. Make sure it isn’t chemically treated. You will also need a roll of commercial landscape fabric, a staple gun, some stapes,  organic fertilizers, and some starter plants or seeds.

furniture-429297_1280First, cover the sides, bottom, and back of your pallet with fabric. This is to make sure that your soil and plants don’t fall out. Leave the top and front uncovered, this is where your plants will grow. To make it stronger, you might want to double up your fabric. Hold the fabric taut and staple fabric tightly around the edges, along the bottom and sides.

Move your pallet close to a fence or wall where it will finally stand. Lay it flat and fill it up with soil. Lay your starter plants in rows where you want them along each row. Plant tightly and make sure they don’t fall out, but be careful not to damage the roots. You could lay the pallets flat and let your plants grow strong roots first so that they don’t fall out when standing up.

3. Plastic bottle tower

You could easily make plastic bottle towers with an old plastic bottle, a pair of scissors, a knife, some starter plants, and soil. You need bottle caps with all bottles as they will help in the watering process. First, drill small holes in the center of each bottle cap. Next, cut the bottoms off the bottles. Turn your bottle upside down and fill it with soil. Make sure that your soil is loose enough for the plants to go into them.

You could attach these bottles on a wire mesh fence, a wooden fence, on top of a tube, or hang them on the wall to plant your herbs and salads. You could place several bottles on top of each other to make a vertical tower. You just need a hole cut into the top of each bottle for plants to grow and a small hole in the bottom for water to drain.


There are so many ways you could grow your own food at home, even if you don’t have a large garden or space. Vertical gardens could be easily used in small spaces for a steady supply of organic herbs and salads right at home.

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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