If you have been thinking about generating a steady income from your home with minimum risk and investments, starting your own business with recycled material could be just the right idea for you. With a recycled business, you will not only generate a steady income with minimum investment or risk, but you will also help the planet to become cleaner greener while you make money.

As people around the world are becoming more and more eco-friendly or environmentally conscious, this is the right time for you to start your own business from home, that promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of business. Business ideas described below have a very little or no start up cost, does not require additional business skills or any special skills, and can regenerate a steady flow of extra income while you clean the environment.

1. Recycle old cloths for profit

old JeansIf you have a sewing machine and skill for redesigning and sewing old cloths, you could use your old wardrobe and create brand new stylish clothing and sell them for profit. Many people sell old cloths at garage sells or yard sales, where old items are virtually given away. You could capitalize on those yard sales or garage sales and make your own clothing business as well. Making new cloths out of old clothing will sell for higher price and also be in demand more than cloths sold at clearance and garage sales or such.

How to start your clothing business from recycled items

You can start this business right from your home. The over head costs are nothing more than the mortgage or house rent that you are already paying. You could even get tax breaks by claiming your expenses as business expenses from your tax return.

You could have some of your friends to help you with your work at initial stages and hire more employees as your business booms. All you need to start your business is a sewing machine, some hand tools such as scissors, tape, pencils etc. some fashion ideas, and a place to work. Start gathering your old cloths or start buying old lots or from garage sales, yard sales, etc. Turn them into fashionable brand new cloths, and sell them for profit.

What items can you make from old cloths?

You can start making all kinds of things that people want, not just clothing. If you get enough materials such as old denim, or old leather jackets, you could make purses, bags, floppy hats, and much other cool stuff with denim and leather patches, the possibilities are endless. Get more ideas from fashion magazines or websites to come up with hot ideas and designs.

Eco-friendly cleaning business

magicpeople-europe-tour-969333-hmagicpeople-europe-tour-969333-hTo start your own cleaning business from home is really easy. You don’t need a whole lot of stuff to start, and probably find most of the stuff at your local grocery store. if you need a steam carpet cleaner or any other items that cost too much, you will probably find them for rent at hourly or daily rates. A green cleaning business will not only generate a steady income for you but also give you the satisfaction of making the planet a bit greener.

What you will need

If you want to start your business as a commercial green cleaner, you will probably need to register your business first. Choose a good name and get license and insurance for your business. Once you have registered, you will need to advertise your business. Start with your own friends and family or neighborhood. Many of your friends or neighbors will be willing to pay you to clean their homes. Once you get your reputation as a professional green cleaner, people will be willing to hire you and pay more than the conventional cleaners because a green cleaner is actually helping the environment and creating more value for the community. Look for ways to help others, and you might do extra work for them here and there. With cleaning houses and businesses, you could integrate lawn care, sustainable weed control, garden care, pool cleaning and other services under your business name.

Pet care

220px-Trillium_Poncho_cat_dogThis is the easiest business to start without any investment or risk. Find people who need help with their pets, and make some money by taking care of their pets. Many people just don’t have the time or don’t want to groom their pets or pick up after their pets. You can take care of their pets and keep them clean for a small fee. If you like pets and enjoy spending time with them, this would be a perfect job for you.

Metal recycling business

This business requires a little more knowledge and some tools for hauling and processing old metal. If you know how to recycle metals, you would make a good profit and also make the planet greener by minimizing mining. There are many construction sites that generate old metal or scrap metal waste after renovation, reconstruction, remodeling, demolition and such in both commercial and residential sites that need to be removed. If you have the right tools and knowledge to take the scrap out and sell them, you could make a good profit without any investment. You can get scrap metal from siding, old doors, windows, fences, left over metal from sites in form of aluminum, steel, copper, bronze, tin, and so on.

metal-curls-scrap-576417-hHow to start your metal recycling business

The best way to start your own metal recycling business is to go and talk with some of the builders and building contractors, who need people for demolishing and hauling trash away. Most contractors will view the scrap metal as trash, which will become valuables for you. If you have to, hire a crew, and get a good truck for hauling trash. You will get paid for both, demolishing and hauling or cleaning up the site, as well as selling the scrap.

How to expand your business

Just like any other business, being registered, listened and bonded increase your credibility and also chances of getting more jobs. Having a business card printed also increases your credibility. Make sure that you get several references form people you know or testimonials from your satisfied customers, which will also increase your chances of finding more jobs.

Starting a business with recycled materials not only generates a steady income with minimum risk and investment, but it also makes our planet greener and sustainable, which has a higher payoff in the long run. If you care about our environment and passionate about it, green business is the best way to start earning your additional income or maybe if you make enough profit, your only source of income that satisfies you.

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