Whenever there is  recreation  associated  with plantation, it naturally adds excitement. Man has always been in a strong relationship with greenery and enjoys the inventiveness of having it  around. A lot of advancement in planting, container gardening, and indoor gardening has been made over the years, expanding into decades.

Today it’s so easy to play with and enjoy plants that one might find it surprising that someone can grow their vegetables right out of the kitchen. People are utilizing their resources and finding  ways to connect with plants and greenery. Many of them are searching suitable ways to grow fruits and vegetables at home.

containerBecause of the interest and planting practices seen around today, plantations are much more easily available, which is important as it adds accessibility of fresh herbs and vegetables right at the ease of your fingertips. Especially if you love to cook!

Most people think that plantations work in such a manner, that it take  a number of checks and requirements, but it is quite important to note that we just have to make sure a constant source of sunlight is streaming into your planned area.

Eventually, with a more convenient manner of planting, you will have the option of planting multiple plants in a single pot and simply  let them grow on their own. As long as you use the suitable fertilizers and don’t water your plants too much, they will aim to make you feel happy and nobel.

Out of the traditional or classic ways of growing a garden, we have now moved to indoor plantation. Let’s just focus on this type of plantation, where we would have to provide few necessities and few needs for the plants. Then we would surely need to plan all that happiness and greenery.

Firstly, we would have to prepare the garden in a style that we would want it in. The two techniques used for this purpose are Aquaponics and container gardening. The container gardening is a better answer to all those who would love to rearrange their plants or simply want to move them outdoors in time.

The other benefit is you can grow any type of plant and any size. Just choose the right space for the plants, not too close to any air vent or fan, as these can dry out them out and cause damage to them. Just think of doing it all so that they could be placed somewhere with a source of light and the ability to control the environment, because the substantial reason for planting an indoor garden is the ability to completely control the environment.

container gardenSo you just have to work hard, but not too hard, when deciding on the space.  Now your next task is ensuring air temperature, water abundance and soil conditions. Think and select your plants, just like any other grown garden, an inside garden has a number of planting varieties that you can consider. Still, some common are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, carrots, radishes, beans, peas, and mushrooms.

After carefully selecting the plants you wish to grow, the next big thing is choosing your container. Once you are done, now it’s time to put efforts into creating your potting mix. Try doing it on your own, it’s going to be helpful and less costly.

You will need 1 part coir peat, 1 part vermiculite, and 2 parts compost. Now set up your garden system and keep in mind a shelving system must ensure all necessities for your indoor garden. Ensuring light and water conditions that favors their growth.

For happy planting make sure that your plants are getting regular amounts of sunlight and water.  When your plants become too large in size, you’ll need to transport them into larger pots or just split them into more plants.

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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