If you are planning on spending a lot of time in your garden this summer, making it better and more beautiful than it has ever been, consider implementing some of the latest and trendiest garden features that everyone is raving about. What are these cool trends that you should add to your outdoor space? Continue reading to learn all about them.

Add More Colour to Your Garden

gardenAre you tired of looking out at your brown, grey, or white fence? Then consider repainting it this summer so that it can be colourful and look fresh and new. This is a popular trend that is taking over outdoor spaces, and many homeowners are opting to paint their houses, arbours, and fences colours like dark blue, dark green, or any other hue that suits your fancy. Just make sure that it all comes together nicely by using complementary colours that work with the colour of the exterior of your house.

Add Artificial Grass to the Mix

For gardeners who are looking for a low maintenance alternative to constantly having to mow the lawn under the hot summer sun, nothing beats artificial grass from Grono. But in addition to being super simple to maintain, the great thing about artificial grass is the fact that it is pest-free, dirt-free, and it will always look beautiful and last for many years to come. An investment today will save you a lot of time, effort, and money later on.

Plant More Edibles

Blended gardens are huge right now because they combine the best of both worlds: gorgeous flowers and ornamentals with edible vegetables, fruits, and herbs. These types of gardens are ideal in urban neighbourhoods where there is less property to work with, and you can enjoy growing your own fresh, organic food much more affordably than if you had to always purchase the produce at your local market.

lawn grass

Incorporate an Attractive Water Feature

Whether you opt for an impressive koi pond or a simple water fountain, adding a water feature to your garden is yet another trend that people are loving right now. You will be adding a new beautiful feature to the outdoor space, as well as the calming element of the look and sound of water flowing. Plus, water features are surprisingly easy to maintain, pond plants are not expensive, and the water will help cool the garden down while attracting a host of lovely wildlife and birds that will be sustained by this precious resource.

Have a Miniature Farm


Source: Grono

In addition to growing edible plants and adding water features to gardens, homeowners are also making it a point to add a mini farm to the mix. A chicken coop can house a few chickens that can lay eggs for you on a regular basis, and you can even learn how to raise bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

No matter what trends you decide to incorporate into your garden this summer, do your best to work with Nature and be as eco-friendly in your approach as possible.

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