In this article we are going to briefly discuss some of the most important environmental issues that the world is facing today due to human activities. If this little article gets your attention – if you get mad about what is happening in the world – you want to do something about it then please learn more! Knowledge is power, and we want to help you learn more.

Our actions have negatively impacted the ecology and biophysical environment of the globe for decades. Ever since we started using carbon based fossils as a source of energy to fuel our industries, machineries, and homes, we have been impacting the globe through carbon emissions and other forms of pollution.

Carbon and other equivalent green house gases have already exceeded 400 parts per million, which is considered the tipping point, or the threshold, where greenhouse gases can cause harmful environmental changes. Below we will discuss top global impacts due to human activities.

Impact of human activities on climatic changes


When we connect the dots, we can easily find the correlation between global warming, climatic changes, extreme weather and effects on human health. The record heat, floods, droughts, forest fires, hurricanes and storms should make the message clear that we are doing something very wrong to the globe. Scientists are discovering that the extreme weather patterns are effects of global warming. The main reasons why our globe is getting hotter is carbon emission, greenhouse gases, and pollution.

Clean energy sources

Say “no” to dirty energy sources! The United States is the largest oil consuming nation in the world and we are at a crossroads today with choosing the right source of energy. Scientists predict that using fossil fuels as a source of energy will soon become a thing of the past. Using alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar power, aren’t more costly than using fossil fuel and have long term environmental and health benefits. Renewable energy sources do not pollute the environment by emitting harmful gases, so we remain healthier. Our economy will prosper too if we create new jobs that do not depend on fossils and reduce global warming.

Below is a list of alternate energy sources with a Few Great References

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  2. Solar energy

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  3. Hydraulic energy

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  4. Geothermal energy

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  5. Biomass energy

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  6. Offshore wind and wave energy

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air pollution

Climate change and the threat to public health

Pollution and negative environmental impacts pose a serious threat to public health. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to air pollution and can suffer greatly from respiratory problems, eye and skin irritation, and sinus issues.

Conserving marine life

The world’s fisheries and stock of wild fish around the world are facing a crisis today. Our oceans have been stripped through years of over fishing, pollution, and destruction of habitats. Much of the variety of fish, including the most popular fish such as tuna, cod, and snapper, are either forced to move elsewhere or face extinction. Yet they continue to be over-fished.

Take action

sustainable future

Political leaders, policymakers, businesses, and everyone else must come together to protect environmental resources such as air and water quality, natural habitat, preserving forestry and building a sustainable future for all of us. If we do not take action, the quality of our ecosystem, environment, and the habitat of aquatic and wildlife will continue to deteriorate. There is plenty we can do to reduce the negative impacts on the globe. We can all reduce our dependency on carbon based fossil fuels to reduce emission. Use of clean reusable energy sources is already gaining popularity around the globe. Using clean energy would significantly reduce carbon emissions and air pollution, improving our health and environment. Air quality and human health are closely related, and so reducing air pollution can lead to a healthier sustainable human race.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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