When you celebrate a special occasion, you want it to be as memorable as possible for all of the people involved. However, many products associated with any type of get together can have a high toll on the environment. Below are some of the most environmentally friendly ways to celebrate a special occasion.


Every year, millions of people make a special effort to decorate their homes or other locations for certain seasonal events, annual parties or unique occasions such as an anniversary or wedding. Traditional decorations are usually plastic or paper-based products which have detrimental effects on the environment and lead to a lot of waste, once the occasion you are celebrating finishes.

decoration However, various authorities and businesses are starting to tackle this problem by introducing stricter rules on the materials used in these types of products. Many businesses are moving towards creating their decorations and party accessories from recycled materials. This is why it’s important to check the origins and materials used to create your decorations, before making this kind of purchase.

Homeowners can take more responsibility too. In many cases, you can create your own decorations easily. You could even get younger members of the family involved and make the event more enjoyable and inclusive. Once the party is over, make sure you either store away your decorations safely for use in the future or discard them in a responsible way.

Gifts and Cards

It’s important to put some thought into the type of gift you give someone special. It should be something they really want, but it should also be a product that’s organic or made from recycled materials. Clothing, toys, ornaments and almost every gift imaginable are now being manufactured with the health of our planet in mind.

In the past, birthday cards, Christmas cards and a range of other cards were always given to family members and friends, which wasted hundreds of tons of paper each year. Thankfully, this trend is changing and a wide selection of affordable e cards are now available to purchase on the internet from the likes of www.eco2greetings.com who also plant 10 trees for each e card sent.

Food and Drink

fruits & drinks Eating and drinking organic food and drink kills two birds with the one stone. First of all, eating and drinking healthier alternatives is good for your health and secondly, it is good for the earth’s well-being.

Checking the source of all of the food you and your guests will be eating is important. Buying local food, that does not contain pesticides or antibiotics should be your main goal. You could even consider going one step further by growing your own organic food and producing your own drinks. This can be more rewarding than purchasing everything from someone else.

Billions of dollars are spent every year on party supplies, food, drink and gifts for special occasions. The manufacturing practices and production of these products, often leaves a lot to be desired. The tips above will ensure that each special occasion you celebrate will have less of an impact on our earth and everyone will still have a great time.

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