This week we are going to discuss 5 environmental issues that you should be aware of. These issues are global and may concern some readers more than others. As usual, these issues are not written in any particular order of importance.

1. Finding alternate clean source of energy

High gas prices and the monopoly of oil companies are once again making us exhausted, and wearing our wallets out. We have drilled more oil wells in the United States in the past decade than anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, we pay about $4 billion dollars to oil and gas companies as tax breaks. Still we have seen nothing that could ease the prices at gas pumps. Gas prices continue to hit new heights, and we are still hostage to oil and gas companies for our energy requirements. Drilling new wells only makes gas companies more profit, and has done nothing for the consumers. We often hear that nothing can be done here in the United States because gas prices are set by the global marketplace.

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGThe reason for the gas companies’ monopoly on the economy is that we don’t have a choice. We must fill up our tanks with gasoline whether we like it or not. Given an option, we would not have to depend on gas as much, and the prices would also decrease about $4,400 a year. We need alternative sources of energy to help ensure a cleaner environment as well as to reduce our dependency on gasoline.

2. Conserving wildlife

We are continuously disturbing the global ecosystem. Activities such as hunting, overfishing, pollution, and deforestation are making wildlife lose their habitat and lose food. Years of chronic overfishing has stripped our oceans of native species. Without quick action and public awareness, the global food chain and ecosystem will become more critically threatened and species will face extinction or become critically endangered.

3. Ensuring clean water

clean_simplicity_refreshing_19096_lWater is one of the basic necessities of life. We cannot imagine sustaining life on earth without water. However, we are heading towards a water crisis right now. As the world population increases, the demand for clean water will increase by 55%. We need to be aware that we will be facing climatic changes and global warming, which will result in changes to ocean current systems, cloud formation, precipitation and so on. We must make sure that we preserve water in the ecosystem and minimize water pollution and wastage by recycling water and conserving our water usage.

4. Health concerns and the environment


Exposure to toxic chemicals and pollution has given rise to many diseases, especially among developing nations. Many countries around the world lack the basic necessities of life such as clean drinking water and food grown in sustainable manner. Therefore, it is important to educate underdeveloped nations about sanitation and safe farming techniques. It is also important to use eco-friendly products and use sustainable farming techniques. Many countries of the world are already using clean alternate sources of energy instead of burning fossils. Countries like China, on the other hand, have been leaders in air pollution by burning coal which has high concentrates of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful gases which have serious health risks.

5. Global warming


Global warming and climatic changes are changing our global economy, ecology and communities. Scientists have been warned that if this trend continuous, future consequences could be disastrous. We have been witnessing some of these consequences in the recent years as extreme climatic conditions. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are covering the earth’s atmosphere like a blanket and making the global temperature rise.

Take action

Anything that happens in any part of the globe becomes a global issue, as the world is quickly becoming a global environment. As the citizens of the world, we can each play a part in stopping the negative global impacts. It could be as simple as driving smaller cars, using the public transportation or turning off lights and air-conditioning when we leave the house. Every little bit that we save adds up! With our collective efforts, we could pick up well enough momentum to save the planet.

Thanks for being with us and please don’t forget to share.

Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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