Backyard gardening is fun, especially if you love the taste of freshly harvested foods. It’s also good for you. No matter where you live, you can grow all the food you need in your backyard!

What if we told you, you could grow all the food you need right at home? All you need is no more than three square feet of land in your backyard.  Another option is to grow food indoors, in containers, or in Aquaponic Tower Gardens. There are many difference ways to grow your own organic foods for your health and food security it is just a matter of finding a way to make it work in your specific situation.

Here are a few of the basic tips and information you’ll need to start growing your own food, right at home.

1.  Raised Bed Square Foot Gardens:

Raised bed square foot gardens allow you to maximize the efficiency of your available garden space. It’s also a lot easier on your back, and for your plants. This a great option if you have a limited amount of space.


2. Preparing your Soil:

soilPreparing your soil is very important because the health of your plants and food depends on the nutrients you put into your soil. A raised garden allows you to use top quality potting soil, rich in nutrients. Take advantage of the fact that you can get the best possible soil so your plants can grow the best way possible way and do it by getting high-quality soil.


3. Use Compost and Organic Fertilizers:

You can make your own organic fertilizer with your household waste. Ingredients for a rich organic fertilizer from compost are probably already lying around in your house. Use your kitchen waste, yard waste, and your household waste to make your own fertilizer from organic composts.


4. Grow a Vertical Garden:

Tower Garden Aquaponic SystemsYou can grow a vertical garden anywhere, even if you don’t have any space in your backyard. Use your fence, your walls, or hang plants from the ceiling. There are tons of ways to grow food indoors with these planting ideas.


5. Get your Family Involved:

Gardening can be a great way to have quality family time and have something awesome to do with your loved ones. Get your whole family involved and you will enjoy outdoor fun time in nature. Designing and building an attractive backyard garden together is healthy for you.

Make sure to work on your garden together. Working on your soil, putting together plants, and seeds, watering, weeding and even building raised gardens can be so much fun when done together with your family and friends.

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Source: Institute of Ecolonomics


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