One of the most rewarding careers is one in the environmental field. As human beings, our environment is critical for our survival and as a result, these types of jobs are extremely important. There are many fantastic environmental careers and some of these include environmental scientists, biochemists, environmental engineers, environmental lawyers, biologists, geologists, zoologists etc. We will now take a closer look at the more popular careers in the environmental job market.

1. Environmental Scientists

The first career that we will discuss is the job of an environmental scientist. This type of scientist is focused on investigating, identifying and solving problems that occur in our natural environment. This is done to ensure that the planet and all living creatures are safe and well protected. They also investigate man-made problems and issues in order to determine their effect on the environment and ecosystem. For example, if a toxic spill occurs, environmental scientists will determine the effects of the spill and find ways to reduce or eliminate the negative impact. These type of scientists spend a lot of time testing air, water and earth quality in order to ensure that they are safe for all living organisms.

In order to become an environmental scientist, you will need to have a bachelors degree in environmental science or other science such as biology, physics or chemistry. The average annual salary of this job is approximately $63,570. The growth of this career is steady and will keep on growing due to constant threats to our environment.

2. Environmental Engineers

The next career that we will look at is environmental engineers. These type of engineers are focused on developing solutions to environmental problems. Some of the problems that they will have to solve include reducing waste, solving air pollution, improve recycling, managing public health and more. They also lead investigations on environmental problems, create projects that are geared towards preserving the environment and advise governmental agencies on what to do.

In order to become an environmental engineer, you will need to have a bachelors in environmental engineering or a degree in civil or chemical engineering. The general annual income is between $69,000 – $98,000 depending on location and experience. This career path has a projected 15% growth rate from now until 2022.

Environmental Law Practitioners

The third career that we will look at is environmental law. If you have a passion for both the environment and legal system, then being an environmental lawyer is a combination of those two passions. These type of lawyers use the legal system in order to protect the environment, wildlife, ecosystems and human beings. They usually represent farmers, organizations, communities etc. A few of the regulatory areas for environmental law include air quality, water quality, chemical safety, mineral resources, wildlife and plants, forest resources, fish and game etc.


In closing, we have just taken a quick look at the environmental job market and a few of the careers that are available. There are dozens other careers in this field that are fulfilling, meaningful and provide a healthy wage. So, with that said, if you want to protect the environment, then this is definitely a field you should consider working in.

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