Going green at your home can be a challenging task if all of your family members aren’t committed to doing so, such as your kids. Be glad to know there are a few tips that will help you to get your kids to feel motivated to be more eco-friendly at home.

As the parent and adult of your household, it’s your responsibility to ensure your kids are aware of why it’s important to be continuously helping to improve the environment. Remind them that every little action they can take at home will help to make a difference in the larger community and world.  

Teach & Educate Them

You can get your kids to be more eco-friendly at home by teaching them ways for how they can do so in their daily routine. Hold regular family meetings and go over tasks that are feasible for them and will help to ensure they’re focusing on being green the majority of the time. For example, set out a recycling bin and ask them to use less water and turn off the lights when they leave a room. Remember that they’re kids so may not be taking any action currently because they don’t know what exactly they can be doing at their age to assist.

Reward Them

candyYou can also get your kids to be more eco-friendly at home by rewarding them for good behavior. Kids are often highly motivated to change their ways when they know there are prizes and incentives involved. For instance, purchase NFL football tickets and promise to take the entire family to a game if everyone pitches in and helps to live a more sustainable lifestyle around the house consistently. This sort of payback for their hard work will help to keep them motivated to continue to be green and contributing to making the world a better place for all.

Explain the Impact of Their Actions

Sometimes all it takes to get kids to act is communicating to them why you want them to change their ways and habits and connecting all the dots for them. Entice your children to be more eco-friendly at home by explaining the impact of their actions and how what they’re doing is helping the planet. Bring up the fact that future generations and their kids will be able to live a better life when they are good about being green in the present moment.


Getting your kids to be more eco-friendly at home may not be an easy feat, but it is a possible one. Use these tips to help get you started in the right direction so you can all begin to make impactful changes in your home today. Educating your children about why and how what they’re doing is making a difference will allow them to get on the right path quickly. Also, be sure to assign them reasonable tasks that they can do each day to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

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