Love fresh fruits? You can enjoy homegrown fresh fruits in your home container garden even if you have limited space. There are a number of fruit trees that will thrive indoors in containers for a long period of time.

If you are an urban farmer or city dweller, indoor container gardening could be an easy way to grow your own food. Indoor container gardening is not limited to healthy herbs and vegetables; it can also be used to grow seasonal fruits. There are several varieties of plants that will thrive indoors or on your patio for a long period of time, and bear fruits seasons after season.

Types of fruits for container garden

persimmon-fruit-187783_1920No matter where you live, or what your climatic conditions are, you will find several fruits to grow in containers for your indoor container garden. These fruits include but not limited to:

  • Apples
  • Cherries
  • Peaches
  • Figs
  • Tangerines
  • Lemons & limes

You can grow these fruits just about anywhere in the United States. Container grown fruits are just as delicious and nutritious as fruits from a full grown tree. However, you may find that a container plant produces fewer fruits than a full grown plant. For getting more benefits from your plants, you may want to get large containers and ensure that your plants are properly nourished.

Where to buy plants for your container garden

Spring is the perfect time to buy starter plants for your containers, if you want to get fresh fruits throughout the winter.

To obtain your starter plants, visit a nearby plant nursery or buy plants online from Amazon or from an Online Nursery. A wide variety of plants can also be grown from seeds, and others can be grown from plant cuttings using plant propagating methods.

For example: Cutting Globes can be used to grow new plants from stem cuttings. It’s an easy and quick way to grow roots on plant cuttings.

Choosing your containers

fruits-850491_1280 Containers are available in your local garden supply stores. Any plastic, wooden or clay containers will work just fine, but you could actually turn almost anything into a container for growing plants. However, make sure that they have enough holes at the bottom for drainage. If they don’t have holes, you should drill some holes in them, and then fill the bottom of your container with some pebbles or stones to keep the soil in and let the water out.

A large five foot tree would need at least a 15 gallon container. Keep in mind that these containers could weigh up to 125 pounds when they have a full grown tree in them, so when you have to move them around, it could become difficult. Look for plant stands with wheels to make moving your plants easier.

For smaller trees like lemon or lime, any conventional container will do. A Versailles planter can be useful because its sides can be removed or added for removing or adding more soil. These are also a bit easier for moving your containers around.

For growing plants in small places, consider growing plants vertically in an aquaponic tower garden system. They allow you to grow a large number of plants, in a very small place, using an automated system, so that your plants grow on their own, without much attention from you.

Hope you will enjoy growing your own  healthy seasonal fruits, full of flavor and nutrition. For more information on urban agriculture, or how you could obtain a smart Aquaponic Tower Garden® , call us at 303-495-3705  or  Click Here to book a meeting with us.

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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