If you’ve been paying attention to social media, then you’ll know that climate change is remaining an ever-prevalent topic, especially for millennials and Gen Z’s. More protests are happening to raise awareness about global warming, with protesters taking to the streets and Twitter to spread the word. 

And it isn’t just the general public who should be getting involved, as there is an opportunity for businesses to also implement eco-friendly changes to their methods. According to Forbes, 88% of consumers want brands to become more environmentally friendly and do move to promote sustainability. This opens up a whole new market of environmentally conscious consumers who are willing to pay more for a long-lasting, sustainable product that doesn’t contradict their values. 

With that in mind, here are some tips for how you can make your business more eco-friendly. 

Go Paperless

In this day and age, there is really no excuse for not implementing digital means of communication. Paper waste has a massive impact on landfills, and it’s easy to go without; switch to electronic receipts, use e-signatures, email, etc. Not only will going paperless reduce the waste your company builds up, but it will also save you money! Think about how much you currently spend on paper and ink cartridges for the whole of your company and think about how you can better use that money. 

Check Your Water Supply

water tapThings like entrapped air can cause a pipeline to burst or crack, resulting in water loss and serious damages. Air valves are designed to automatically release air and prevent corrosion. It is worth checking your business’s water supply and making sure there is no damage to the pipelines. Having air release valves is also energy-efficient as they reduce the need for power.

Utilize Natural Light

It is easy to forget just how much money gets sucked up by energy bills. You can try and reduce your energy usage by using energy-saving lightbulbs. It’s also worth implementing more natural light in your office space, as natural light is proven to enhance moods and create a more relaxed working environment. 

Encourage a Cycle to Work Scheme

Some of your employees may already be quite environmentally conscious and choose to cycle to work instead of driving, but if you want to encourage more of your employees to be eco-friendly, try implementing a cycle to work scheme. If you don’t have one already, build a bike shed where employees can lock up their bikes. Not only will this promote a way to reduce your carbon footprints, but it can be a good opportunity for employees to improve their health, too. 

Encourage Recycling

Not all of us stick to a strict recycling scheme, but if you have one in the workplace, it can become easier to follow. Include different recycling bins in your office kitchen, have a recycling area for paper waste and an area for cardboard waste. It can also be worth persuading your employees to bring in their own reusable mugs for hot beverages, instead of creating more waste with takeaway cups. 

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