You may think that once you’ve established your brand’s online presence, you’ve built a website, you’ve collected a dedicated following on social media, and you’ve got an email marketing campaign running, that the hard work is done. However, for greater results and ROI from your online marketing, not only should you continue to track your performance, but you should also audit and clean up your digital presence on a regular basis.

There are several ways you can weed out the digital elements that aren’t working hard enough for your brand; these may be past campaigns which need deleting, content which is now irrelevant following a brand repositioning or messages that simply didn’t resonate strongly with your audience.

Social Media Archiving

Instagram’s archive feature is a technique few brand leaders know about at the moment. It can be particularly useful when you want to remove a certain post from your Instagram account, without deleting it permanently. You may choose to do this for several reasons: perhaps you posted the upload, but then decided it wasn’t the best timing; you realize this message will have more impact when posted alongside another message you’ve got planned; you like the upload, but want to increase your following before putting it up for people to see.

Opt for archiving Instagram a post if you’re still unsure about its performance. Through archiving, you’re cleaning up without permanently deleting the post forever; with a simple click, you can have the image reappear on your account again.

Search Engine Optimization Audits

seo audit

Partner with an SEO strategist or agency who’ll be able to deliver a thorough audit of your existing link builds and SEO campaigning. If left unattended to, broken links and outdated or poor quality content will be money down the drain.

Agencies such as provide a full-service approach to search engine optimization and could certainly help with this kind of digital presence clean up. If you’re spending your marketing budget on driving traffic to your website, you want your money to be used effectively. SEO auditing will ensure the right people are directed to your website, at the right time.

Keep your Mailing List up to Date

Following on from the recent GDPR change, it’s now a little trickier to maintain and manage your brand’s email mailing list. However, it’s worth the effort you put in, as leaving expired or incorrect email addresses in your system can slow you down and cost you money.

If you use an email manager, such as MailChimp, to send your email campaigns, make sure you remove email addresses each time they bounce. Failure to do so can make lists more unwieldy and impossible to review, as well as potentially causing you to spend more money than you have to. MailChimp’s free service only covers a certain quantity of emails sent: you don’t want to spend money on sending messages to email accounts which are no longer in use.

In Conclusion

If done well, investing in your brand’s digital presence can deliver high rewards. Yet you should continuously review and audit all your brand’s online touchpoints, ensuring they’re all working optimally for your company communications.

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