Climate change and global warming is a very real threat to the environment. So much so that the World Health Organization has predicted it will result in 250,000 additional deaths per year between the years of 2030 and 2050. It doesn’t matter if you are running a large enterprise or a startup company, you and your employees have a responsibility to protect our precious planet Earth and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, unnecessary waste, and global hazards.

If you want your business and your brand to live up to its environmental obligations, and to demonstrate industry leadership when it comes to climate change, you must read the following tips on how to reduce business waste.

Evaluate Your Facility

It’s crucial you take a stroll through your facility to evaluate any items that could become waste. For example, can your business potentially switch to more recyclable or compostable products? Do you have enough waste bins in place to encourage recycling? Understanding the products you use and the waste process could, therefore, help you to effectively recycle or upcycle items to create a more environmentally-friendly business.

Become a Paperless Company

Many businesses do not think twice about the amount of paper they use each day, but their actions are negatively impacting the environment, especially if they fail to recycle waste paper. If you want to have a positive effect on the environment, you should become a paperless office. For example, cloud-based solutions will allow your business to save digital files, so you will not need to pile your filing cabinets with endless documents. So, not only will this help to save the planet, but it can save your business both money and space. Visit Bytes to find the best cloud-based solution for your business and start making the move towards a paperless future.

Decrease Packaging

In addition to reviewing your facility, you should also evaluate the packaging your company uses. For example, you could swap from corrugated cardboard to reusable plastic containers, which could potentially save your company a considerable amount of money.

Encourage Employee Recycling

It’s important your employees support the business with its recycling goals. Prove you’re an ethical business by introducing recycling and compost bins into your business and encourage your employees to recycle products daily. You also could hang posters on the items staff should or should not place in the bins.

Say Goodbye to Bottled Water

Did you know the petroleum used to manufacture water bottles in America could fuel one million cars annually? It is for this reason you should say goodbye to bottled water, which also often loses taste tests to tap water. So, stop buying bottled water, and encourage your staff to do the same.

Spread the Word About Greener Living

Brands have the ability to influence consumers with the right marketing campaign. For this reason, you should promote your environmentally-friendly business, which could encourage consumers and other brands to follow in your footsteps. It will also prove to your consumers that you’re an ethical company, so they might be more likely to trust in your goods and services.

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