It is hot – for here.  It is dry – for here. It is beautiful – for anywhere.  If you don’t like where we are fortunate to live, work and play “you must be a ……” as Jeff Foxworthy might say.

Greetings and good wishes for you and for bettering our planet.  Again, we have been very delinquent in updating our site.  This is never a good excuse, but we do have a number of reasons.  I will not get into them now, but some of them are quite relevant to our planet and trying to make it better.

We have a request to make.  We need your help, please.  We need volunteers who will help us with our communications process.  We need to do a better job providing valuable information that will help us live up to our goals to make the planet better.  Here are the kinds of help that we need:

  • Writing of blogs on any topic that will discuss items, issues, technologies and inventions that are ecolonomic;
  • Helping maintain our web presence;
  • Helping with Search Engine Optimization for our websites:
  • Help with marketing our projects;
  • Helping with fundraising;
  • Conducting research on ecolonomic topics, and;
  • Helping with creative ideas regarding communication

We just do not have enough staff time to keep up with all of these needs, so any help you could provide would be appreciated. Any help, from anywhere in the world!


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