Being greener in our personal and professional lives is no longer merely a trending notion: it’s a necessity. As both consumers and companies strive to make their daily activities more eco-friendly, smart entrepreneurs are looking for ways to make their work environments as green as possible. The challenge is making sure that transitioning to a more eco-aware company does not end up costing more money than it saves. That balance is easier to achieve than ever before. If you’re looking for ways to make your business greener, then these three simple solutions can reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank.

Shared office space

Having your own private office is all well and good, but it usually involves high rents, regular utility bills, and all of the responsibility of being a tenant as well as a business. You can very quickly reduce those pitfalls by transferring your base of operations to a coworking office. These are more popular than ever and are being used by both freelance digital nomads and big brands alike. With respectable addresses that will look fantastic on your business cards, making use of a managed office like those offered by The Brew can reduce your bills and negate the usual amounts of landfill that the average office creates on a daily basis. By sharing amenities, co-working offices are fast becoming the norm, and you are well-advised to look closer at the many benefits.

Recycle and Reduce

recycle newspaperThe average office generates a massive amount of waste. While this is not limited to paper use, that is one of the major areas to look at more closely. Recycling can not only add green credentials to your brand; it can save you money as well. You can further reduce your paper waste by making the transition to a more paper-free environment. This is easier to achieve than ever, with file sharing cloud platforms and communication tools like Dropbox and WhatsApp making it simple to communicate with team members around the world without the need for any kind of paper trail. Look at your recycling habits, and improve your recycling process throughout your workspace. You might be surprised by how much money you can save while helping to protect the planet.

Remote Workers

Traveling to work is always going to have an adverse effect on your carbon footprint. Whether you drive your own car or use public transport, those journeys all add to the climate change issue. You can mitigate this by promoting the use of remote working. You can commit to this full-time and hire people who can get the job done no matter where they are, or you can integrate it into your working week. Having ‘work-from-home’ days is very valued by modern workforces, and can alleviate many of the problems people have with the usual 9-5. Remote workers are more productive and more loyal, meaning that you not only benefit from a greener workspace, but you also strengthen your team at the same time.

Going green with your business can improve your branding and cut your costs. Add in the whole ‘saving the planet’ aspect, and you should be asking yourself why you haven’t already taken those greener steps!

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