Summer is an excellent time for outdoor fun, but make sure you take care of your skin and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Here are some natural ways to keep your skin healthy in the hot summer.

Sun and heat can cause damage to your skin. It’s important that you take care of your skin especially during the summer season. Dehydration can rob your skin of valuable moisture and leave it dry. It could potentially age and wrinkle your skin faster and increase the risk of skin cancer from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. A good sunscreen and plenty of water is absolutely necessary during the hot days in summer. Below are more natural ways to keep your skin healthy.

Practice Safe Sunsun-791524_1280

Many sunscreens available in the market today may contain toxic chemicals that do not suit everyone. Make sure to read all the ingredients on your beauty products and make sure they are all natural and free from toxins. Also check for the SPF value; the higher the SPF the greater the protection.

“Try Loving Naturals’ SPF 30+ Sunscreen – it’s 100% natural, vegan, water resistant, and safe for babies. When it comes to sun protection, not all sunscreens are made the same, so the Environmental Working Group is here to help!” – Natural & Healthy Summer Skincare – The Green Divas

To practice safe sun, wear a hat, wear protective glasses and also use a natural lotion for your skin. Remember to drink plenty of water and avoid direct sun when the sun rays are during the midday hours. Stay in the shade and stay cool naturally as much as possible.

Repel pests naturally

Many insect repellents commercially available in the market contain toxins and cause skin damage when we apply on the skin. They are even more harmful if we accidentally ingest them or apply them and keep those repellants on our skin for a long period of time. Instead of using chemical based repellents, use natural ways to ward off insects and mosquitoes.  

Here are some natural ways to repel insects

  • Cover yourself: Put your clothes on and cover yourself as much as possible especially during dusk when insects can be in full force.
  • Citronella: Citronella candles or incense could be a chemical free way to repel bugs.
  • More natural ways to repel bugs: Make your own natural insect repellent with lemon, cinnamon oil, rosemary oil, neem oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil. Some of these oils make excellent nontoxic natural insect repellant.

Caution: Make sure to test a small sample on your skin first to ensure that there are no allergic reactions before applying.

Natural cosmetics

There are cosmetic companies available making beauty products from all natural ingredients. Read labels and make sure your product is all natural. There is a new company called  Fable Naturals  based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that offers a fresh take on the cosmetics industry. This company claims to create all their products with all natural green ingredients that are eco-friendly and nontoxic.


blond-487071_1280Summer means outdoor fun, but it also means taking care of your skin. Stay hydrated and protected as much as possible. Avoid direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day and stay cool and protected with natural green products that are nontoxic, eco-friendly and don’t cause any harm to your health.

We hope that your summer will be filled with fun and joy. We will be back with more beauty tips for the summer, so until then, stay safe and stay well and have a great weekend!

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Source:  Environmental Professionals Network  

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