Valentine’s Day gives you an opportunity to spice up your love life. The legend has it that on this day, on the February the 14th, St. Valentine wrote a letter to his wife from prison, and at the end of the letter he wrote “from your Valentine.” St. Valentine was sent to prison for violating orders of the Emperor Claudius II, who believed that women caused distractions for the Roman soldiers. St. Valentine defied the orders of the emperor and secretly performed marriage rituals among single soldiers.

Most couple agree that they should not only love one another, but they should also tell each other and show love for each other more often, and when can be a better time to tell him or her the three desired words than on the Valentine’s Day? You don’t really need to spend a great deal of money to be creative and romantic. There are many creative ways that you can tell your significant other that you love him or her. Keep reading to find out some of the best creative ways to say “I love you” on the Valentine’s Day.

valantine's day dinner


Valentine’s Day Ideas


Idea # 1 : Focus on his or her preferences

Everyone is different and therefore it is important to learn the personal preferences of your lover. Does he or she like expensive cuisine? Or candle light dinner? Or maybe swoon over romantic movies at home? Make your choice and focus on some of the things that you two would enjoy doing together throughout the day.

Idea #2 Plan for food

All Valentine’s Day dates must include some sort of food. You could plan to eat out at an expensive restaurant, or even make a homemade candle light dinner, or maybe even curl up with some chocolates, popcorn, and drinks while you watch a move at home, no matter what you do, select the elements of your food and plan ahead for your romantic elements. Here are some romantic ideas for eating on your Valentine’s Day.

Cook a homemade dinner

You can really show your dedication to your loved ones by cooking the Valentine’s Day dinner yourself. It not only shows your cooking skills, but gives you a chance to impress your lover. If you are really gifted or talented cook, you could customize your dinner just the way your date likes. A lot also depends on how you set your table and present your food. For example cutting your salad in heart shapes or making flowers out of your salad as well as making heart shaped cakes might be impressive on the Valentine’s Day.

Ordering some food from your favorite restaurant

If your attempt at cooking fails or if you aren’t so talented in the kitchen department, and want to leave the cooking to the experts, you can always order something from your nearby restaurant that delivers to your home. Select food carefully giving preference to what your date might like to eat on your special day.

Eating out at your favorite place

If you just want to relax and enjoy your date, let someone else worry about the food and decorations. Pick a place where you can enjoy a romantic evening together and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the meal. However, keep in mind that Valentine’s Day can be a busy time of year at the restaurant and it might need some planning ahead or booking your table well ahead of time or you might have to wait for your table or food for a long time.

Valentine's Day


Idea # 3 Set the mood

Setting the right mood for your date is very important, so whether you plan to stay in or go out, prepare yourself by getting ready for the date. Your looks are very important for the right mood, and so, allow plenty of time and take extra care getting ready. Tidy up your house for the right mood and make sure that everything is in order. Holding gaze, speaking in a low tone of voice and standing close to your date holding hands are all romantic moves. Don’t forget to smile as you gaze into his or her eyes.

Idea # 4 Plan for gifts

Valentine’s Day gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. a bunch of flowers and box of chocolate might be old fashioned, but it works. The classic roses never fail for any woman, and dollar for dollar, it is the best value. Pink or red roses are great for a romantic gift on the Valentine’s Day.

Idea # 5 Plan a surprise

couple dancing on the beach

If you are the adventurous type, plan a special getaway trip on the Valentine’s Day. Some place where you can relax and enjoy. If you have found the right person and plan to get married, proposing on the Valentine’s Day is really a neat romantic idea.

There are many more ideas to write about. In one of the recent poles, several ideas were suggested by people at social media networks, and many of the ideas may also work, such as writing notes to your spouse saying why you love him or her, have flowers delivered to her and recite a love poem, go to the restaurant where you and your wife first met, and so on. All these romantic ideas do not cost too much, but might be excellent for spicing up your love life.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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