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Fresh vegetables and herbs are great. They are healthy and they taste better than the frozen or dried stuff. Nonetheless, it’s very hard to have your own garden when you live in a small apartment or in an urban area with no possibilities to plant anything.

People who live in detached houses with a backyard can do whatever they want. They can assign a part of their yard to serve as a vegetable garden. They can take care of the plants until the harvest time arrives. They are the lucky ones. All other people have to get their food from the grocery shop or from the supermarket. Luckily, there is something that enables you to grow your own herbs and plants at home, even if you don’t have a garden or a large terrace. This is called hydroponic gardening and it is the latest trend in modern kitchens.

How Hydroponics Works

vertical-gardenThe herbs are planted in a special container that has a water circulation system. The roots are immersed in a solution that provides them all the needed nutrients. The fluid is recirculated through the system with the help of a pump. This is one of the main advantages of hydroponic gardening; it doesn’t require soil!

Rapid Growth

The other advantage is that plants grow faster than the ones that are cultivated in soil. The growth rate in hydroponic gardening can be up to 30-50% faster than traditional agriculture. This efficiency makes these systems perfect for multiple purposes. The plants can feed themselves in a more effective manner, as they don’t need to use a lot of energy to extract the nutrients from water and soil. They also can use all their energy for growing, hence their rapid development. You can have fresh parsley, dill, mint, and oregano all year round, without having to sacrifice a room for that.


Hydroponic gardening is very good for the environment and sustainable. It uses much less water than traditional systems, as the nutrient solutions are reused on a constant basis. This is a good method to reduce the consumption of valuable resources, without sacrificing the quality of the food. The pumps consume less energy than the machines that need to work the soil, so it’s easy to see how much safer for the environment this modern system is.

aquaponic tower gardenMoreover, since there is no topsoil in hydroponic gardening, there’s no topsoil erosion. This is one of the biggest problems of traditional methods, so a system that can stop this is more than welcome! It might even become mainstream sooner or later, thanks to its multiple benefits. (We can only hope!).


For the time being, there are many people who buy and maintain a small hydroponic garden, in order to supply their kitchen with fresh herbs. This is a very good thing, but the real gain is the big scale gardening, as that’s where people can benefit the most. There are so many areas in the world where water is scarce, that there’s no wonder hydroponics is in the attention of farmers and farming associations all over the world.

P.S:  Grow your food in an Aquaponic Vertical Garden! They are smart and attractive to be placed anywhere at home and can grow several plants at the same time without having to pay much attention.

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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