In our previous blog, we talked about how to lead a well balanced life. Balancing life starts with balancing our minds, spirit and body, so that we can balance our other aspects of life, such as our jobs, careers, family life, relationships, and so forth. In today’s world, there are elements all around us that could throw us off balance. If we are not careful, we could easily be caught in some kind of life that does not satisfy us. for example you might be caught in a dead end career, a life where you are in constant chaos, always in a hurry to catch up, and still struggle to make ends meet.

Life is not always all about work and money. You have other things in life and your health as well as wealth is equally important in a balanced life scenario. You not only need more awareness to get ahead in life, you also need all the right ingredients that make you physically and mentally fit to cope with your everyday difficulties. To lead a complete balanced life, you would need a balanced mind, as well as a balanced body.

physical fitness

Fitness rules to follow

Health and fitness is actually quite simple. There are simple fitness rules that you can easily follow and increase or maintain your fitness level, without much hard work or spending a whole lot of money. Most health blogs and magazines you read today will try to confuse you with information that really makes no sense. Health and fitness is actually not that complicated. You don’t need any gadgets or gimmicks, or any health supplements or anything to stay fit.

Here are a few simple rules to increase fitness


· Move your body

Include some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. Either go for a walk in the park, or play a game of tennis or golf. Your routine should be at least three days a week for an hour or two. Even a 20 minutes’ walk in the park everyday can cheer you up and can be a good daily exercise routine. Your daily physical activities should be something that you enjoy doing while you get into shape.

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· Eat a balanced diet

You are what you eat, so eating right kind of food and a balanced diet is the key element of physical fitness. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, Juices and liquids. Eat less fat, and sugar. Eat red meat sparingly and limit alcohol from your daily routine.

· Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of everything you do. A healthy lifestyle includes your personal hygiene, your eating habits, sleeping habits, and so on. You should start your day early with a healthy breakfast, some light exercise, a shower, and a plan for the day. You should also have a “Things to do” list for the day to plan your day ahead. Your everyday activities such as how you interact with people, your bad habits, substance abuse, drinking, smoking, and everything else, has an impact on your life. A healthy lifestyle includes the things that are good for you, such as a healthy diet, limiting the use of alcohol and going to bed on time.

· Regular checkups

Regular medical checkups can detect any illness at an early stage and might help prevent complications caused later on if the disease is left untreated or even prevent illnesses from occurring at all. Get regular checkups for your teeth, eyes, breasts, prostate, diabetes, blood pressure, and so on.

physical fitness

· Exercise routine

Choosing the right exercise routine is very important if you plan to stick to an exercise routine. Your body time, your fitness level and age, all play a role in choosing the right exercise routine, right equipment and the intensity of the exercises. The best way to increase your fitness level is by joining a gym and talking to a physical trainer who can tailor an exercise routine fit for you. Running is a very good way to shed your excessive pounds off of your body. You might need some equipment at home if you don’t have the time to join a gym. Your routine could combine some cardio exercises to boost your heart condition, some light weight strength training, and some low impact aerobic exercises. Start with low impact exercises, and gradually increase the intensity. try doing exercises like walking, treadmill, cycling, jogging, swimming, etc. at least half an hour every day.

· Yoga and meditation

yoga meiditationDoing the yoga regularly has many health benefits. Yoga usually calms your mind and helps you concentrate and focus on your goals better. A 10-15 minutes session of yoga everyday would improve your physical and mental fitness level significantly to make you better cope with your stress and anxiety. Some simple positions of yoga can help you relieve your physical and mental stress. Regular practice of yoga and meditation could give you a higher level of fitness and inner peace.

If you stick with the simple rules mentioned above, you would become more physically fit and ready to balance other aspects of your life, like going after your goals and dreams more aggressively. A healthy body often leads to a healthy mind and more energy for everything that we do. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative and helpful.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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