Energy is one of the biggest costs a household can have as more often than not. Once the family is all at home, there are showers on, televisions blaring and ovens cooking food, and they all rely on energy. When money becomes tight, increasing energy prices can cause a pinch on your finances, but with some careful planning, you can reduce your gas and electricity bills.

Turn Standby to Off

If you make sure that your appliances are turned to off, instead of on standby, you could save a considerable amount. The more gadgets you have, the more you can save as there are many appliances that can be left on standby now without us really realizing it, such as the television.

There are also plug sockets that you can now invest in that can be turned on and off via your phone as well as having timer plugs to make sure everything is off when it is not being used.

mobile homeSmart Thermostats

Installing a smart thermostat can save a lot of money as not only can you set it to only warm the rooms you are using, but also they can program how long it takes to warm a room, therefore only using the energy it needs to get to an optimum temperature.

The fact they can be used and controlled by your phone also means you can have fun playing ‘heating cat and mouse’ with your partner if they are at home and you can control how low you have the temperature, much to their disgust.

Turn it Down

We all get so used to having our heating on at a certain time, and a specific temperature, that we often get complacent and don’t use the thermostat to gauge what temperature is ideal and money saving. By turning the thermostat down by just one degree could save a lot of money per year.

Use the Sun

Using solar power means that you can drastically reduce your electricity bill as you are producing free power for your home. There are many solar tips to save money, but some of them include the fact you can have a quick return on your initial investment for solar panels as the ROI can be 3-5 years, reducing your impact on the environment, which in turn means money will be saved. Plus being able to increase the value of your home just by having solar as potential buyers like the fact they will have reduced energy bills.

Saving money and the environment at the same time is no longer reserved for people that used to be called ‘Hippies’ as everyone is now a lot more aware of how we need to start making tracks to save the earth. This is by trying to save energy and reducing the pressure our lives have on the world. It is also beneficial to us personally, though, as it means we can save money long term on behaviors we took for granted in the past.

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