Winter is right around the corner. Have you made your home winter proof yet? By winter proofing your home before winter you will be able to save energy and save electric bills.

When it comes to saving energy, every bit that you save could add up and show on your energy bills. It not only saves you money but it also saves the environment, because power plants burn fossils to generate energy. When you save energy, you save the environment. Below are 11 ways to save energy in your household.

What is an energy efficient home?

An energy efficient home utilizes energy most efficiently without wasting any resources. They eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, utilize all resources, and minimize wastage. Many of the homes are reducing greenhouse gas emission by using alternative sources of energy.  A little investment would save you a lot of money in the long run.  

11 Ideas to Save Energy During the Winter

If you are planning to buy a new home or trying to renovate your old home, you will want to keep these energy saving tips in mind, because they will save you money and also the environment in the long run.

1. Insulate Your House

insulating houseInstall insulation all around the house, including your loft and attic. These will prevent heat from escaping your house from any leaks or even through the roof. Use 100% natural substances to stay safe. Check for energy star rating and R value of your insulation materials.

2. Install Energy Efficient Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are major sources of heat loss in a home. When you install doors and windows, make sure they are energy efficient. Again, check the energy star rating and R value for heat and cold resistance. Seal around the doors and windows with caulk or silicone.

3. Replace Old Appliances

New appliances like your heating and cooling systems, ventilation, furnaces, washing machines, dishwashers and such are less energy efficient than newer ones. Replace all old appliances with newer energy efficient ones.

4. Use All Appliances Efficiently

You can save a lot of energy costs on your bill if you use appliances like the washing machine, dishwasher and your iron during the off-peak hours. Also, replace all filters of your heating system, repair and replace any faulty vents, ducts and filters, and service any faulty parts before the winter gets here.

5. Use An Energy Efficient Thermostat

Thermostats today have become smart. They are programmable and can be set to maximize energy efficiency. It makes sense to invest in a smart thermostat.

6. Switch to LED Lights

saving energyLED is the latest technology in electric lamps. You need to replace all your older lamps with LED and you should surely see the reflection of it on your electric bill.

7. Add Solar Panels

Solar panels could be used to produce additional energy, power your own home and cut down on your electric bills. There are also solar water heaters and solar cells available that can store energy and recharge batteries to power homes.

8. Only Buy Products That Are Energy Efficient

Only purchase appliances that are A-rated or above. They may be more expensive, but in most cases the additional energy savings will offset the additional expense in just a year or two.

9. Use Motion Detector Outdoor Lights

You don’t need to keep your lights turned on all night long in your garden, use motion detector lights so that they turn on and off by themselves when needed.

10. Use A Microwave Instead Of A Conventional Stove

A microwave oven heats food quicker than a conventional electric hot plate or an electric stove. They are more energy efficient.

11. Turn Off All Appliances When Not In Use

appliancesMake sure you turn off your computer, microwave  and anything that you are not using. Don’t just turn them off, also disconnect them from the wall outlet if necessary. Standby power can also draw energy which can add up.

Make sure to turn off all lights when there is no one in the room, and turn off air conditioning as well when leaving the house.

We hope you will use some of these techniques this winter to save on energy bills. If everyone tried these tips, there would be a significant amount of energy saved around the world, and we can have a greener planet just by changing our habits.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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