What makes us humans different from other living things? From a biological point of view, we are 99% ape. There is only 1% difference in DNA structure, between us and a Chimpanzee. However, we are far different in the ways we act and behave from our closest relative in the animal kingdom. We are the dominant species on earth, and we have the most impact on the planet. Throughout hundreds and thousands of years of evolution, we have not only changed our appearance, but also changed the way we behave and think. Our ability to take control of our surroundings and our constant quest for knowledge make us one of the unique species in the world.

So what makes us humans so special? There isn’t any one factor in the course of evolutions that we could point out as a turning point that made us different. Our ability to communicate, making use of our hands, our intelligence, all come into play when making balanced life team picture rocksthe distinction. We have always asked questions about our surroundings and tried to learn things since the time we turned into humans, because one thing that allows us to take control of our surrounding is information. We do not like being put at the mercy of nature, and we do not like being dominated by other factors that we do not understand. We have learned through our experiences, through experiments, and by gathering and sharing knowledge with other humans.

Finding work life balance

As biological beings, we have similar physical needs as other creatures on earth. We need food, water, and shelter. But as civilized beings, we are also required to have an education, proper healthcare facilities and have personal hygiene that sets us apart. To put food on the table, most of us have to work, unless we inherited wealth from our family. The major key to a stress-free life and wealth is to have a work life balance.

Work related stress

Our lives are often filled with work related stress. We spend most of the time at work, and when we love what we do, we often neglect other aspects of life and get entangled with emails, phone calls, meetings, and other client related activities to have any time left for ourselves. Having ambition and making money is very important for a stress free life, however, money is only one aspect of life that you need to take care of.

types of stressPeople can get overly enthusiastic about work and neglect all other aspects of life that make our life balanced. There are many individuals who lose sleep over job situations that can lead to many health concerns. Although stress is a natural part of life, all stress is not created equal, nor do we respond to all stress equally. According to Dr. Paul J. Rosch, MD, and president of the American Institute of Stress, “Chronic job strain can put both your physical and emotional health at risk.”

Reaching the stress limits

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Americans are reaching new heights of stress these days. According to a study done by the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, American men are 23% more stressed and Women are 18% more stressed today compared to a decade ago. According to the statistics of Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA stress affects roughly 40 million people in the United States every year. We are constantly facing demands for the future. Our modern lives are full of hassles, deadlines, competition, and responsibilities, a constant tug of war between our professional and personal lives. So if you are feeling stressed out at work, you are not alone.couple arguing

Work place related psychological risks are among the most common issues related to workplace safety. They not only affect an individual worker, but also affect the productivity and efficiency of a company and the nation. More than half the employees in the United States reported stress as one of the major causes of missing work. In addition to loss of working days, stress can also impact mental and physical health. Stress and psychosocial risks can be just as manageable as any other workplace health and safety risks.

Levels of stress – a case study

A 36 years old woman was referred to a psychologist for treating her heart attack symptoms and stress management by her cardiologist. The woman worked as a marketing director at a high-tech firm, and was apparently at the peak of her career. She was in line for a promotion, drove an expensive sports car, went on extensive vacations, and was socially active. Although she seemed fine on the surface, she often felt like “the wheels are about to come off” from her tricycle of life. She reported having shortness of breath, chest pains, heart palpitations, tightening sensation in her fingers and toes, dizziness and often went into panic attacks.

Diagram of life balance“I’m in a mess” she told the doctor, as she was rushed to a nearby hospital, fearing a heart attack. Her symptoms of heart attack had been a result of a fight with her boss at work, as it was found out later on. She insisted that she be kept at the hospital overnight for extensive diagnosis. The test results were negative for a heart attack; she was given tranquilizers to calm her nerves down.

After changing several doctors and cardiologists, she still got the same results, no heart attack. Her doctors concluded that her symptoms of heart attack were from panic and anxiety attacks, and referred her to psychologist specializing in stress.

This is an excellent example of how stress can cause physical symptoms. The person described in the above example was highly susceptible to stress. She was enduring huge amounts of stress from her personal life, her family and her job. She wasn’t sleeping or eating well, didn’t exercise, abused caffeine and alcohol, and lived on the edge financially. Being a workaholic can throw our lives out of balance, and cause major psychological, emotional and also physiological problems.


enthusiasmWe have unlimited wants and limited resources. It’s never possible to satisfy all of our wants and needs with the limited resources we have. We cannot achieve one objective in life without making a sacrifice or compromise in another area. The key to happiness is to be content with limited resources. Finding happiness in life doesn’t mean that everything in your life is perfect. Happiness doesn’t require you to fulfill your every dream but it’s the ability to look beyond imperfections and accept life. You can make a simple transformation by changing your lifestyle today.

Life is an ever changing chain of events. We grew up, went to school, learned our lessons at schools, from life, from our jobs, and from our personal experiences. Many people have used their knowledge to keep life’s stresses under control, and many people need help to see light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how stressed or anxious life may make you or how challenging life may appear to you, Balanced Life Team can help you to make the transformation and show you a better life.

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