Well, for a long time now we have been putting all our new posts on our Nourish the Planet site.  Growing Nourish the Planet (NTP) has been our primary activity for the last year.  But, that is not a good excuse for not posting here on the IOE site.  We have had so much happen in the last year.  Most of it really good, and a few less than positive things.

One of the more sad occurences of the last year was the passing of long-time supporter and ex. Board Member, Larry Hageman.  Larry has always been such a friend of IOE, and he will be greatly missed.  It was nice that he was able to be greatly involved for awhile with the resurgence of a new version of his showcase television hit, Dallas.  We are thinking about a way we can honor Larry.  His commitment to making the planet better and to ecolonomics was as much or more than anyone alive.

The really great things for the year are all involved with our Nourish the Planet initiative.  We have been steadily working toward our goal of enabling 1,000,000 ecoprenuers by 2016 to Teach the World to Feed Itself.  I am not exactly sure what we will calculate for the number of people we have enabled in this first of five years, but I am going to guess that it is around 10,000.  It means we still have a long way to go, but we will get it done.

We are going to be much more diligent about posting to this site through this coming year.  We really are.  Come back often to check out what is happening in at the Institute of Ecolonomics.

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