The internet and the World Wide Web have become one of the biggest marketing places for all businesses, big or small. Today, many large businesses focus on eCommerce and web based business worldwide. The internet is able to bring a wide range of audience together without much effort and allows businesses to have maximum impacts on the market with minimum efforts.

buying-15810_1920In the last two decades, businesses have adapted to the surfing habits of consumers and developed marketing tactics that are most suitable for online audience. Marketing through emails is an effective way to increase your sales. Once you have an email list, you could send emails to let your list know when you are having a special sales event.

We are going to give you 10 amazing email marketing tactics below.

1. Announce big sales

Whenever you have a big sales coming up, let your email subscribers know about it right away without any delay. After the initial heads up to your customers, you could also send another email to remind them before the sales day.

2. Subjects line

In today’s marketing world, your subject line could be the difference between your mail being deleted or clicked on. People tend to get a huge number of emails in their inboxes nowadays, and it is therefore important to write an intriguing subject line or your recipients will just click delete without even bothering to open your mail. Come up with a one-lined creative subject to catch people’s attention. It should be fun, as well as attractive. For example, you could write something like 50% off everything for the next 72 hours or “50% offer ends in 72 hours, last chance”

computer-297173_12803. Make a clear call to action

Let your readers know exactly what you want them to participate in, whether it’s the clearance sale or getting $25 worth of bonus products with every purchase, you should always make it clear to your readers what you expect of them and what they can expect from you. Clarify all fine prints and bring it in the open. Any catches or provisions should be made clear.

4. Become social

Your readers can very easily promote your business through your Facebook or Twitter fan page. So include your social media links with your emails and ask them to like or follow your pages. They can very easily do it with a click of a button.

5. Make your emails fun

Instead of making each email a sales pitch, try engaging with your customers by including fun facts with your emails so that your customers don’t just think about sales when they read your emails.megaphone-147176_1280

6.Take advantage of the holidays

When the holidays arrive, it gives you an excellent opportunity to wish your customers happy holidays by announcing special offers. Customize your emails during special holidays and give them special offers accordingly.

7. Avoid over mailing

Most people that join your mailing list do not like to get spammed. You can send them a mail every now and then, but avoid spamming. Sending one mail a day or even one mail a week could be too much for your customers.

8. Be creative

Be creative with your emails. Make sure that you don’t bore your readers with text laden emails; Included graphics to make your emails visually attractive. Make sure you send something unique each time.

computer-29853_12809.Get your old customers back

Businesses often make more money with their older customers rather than getting new ones. Make special welcome back offers to keep your old customers interested.

10. Be professional

Even though you want to be entertaining and creative with your emails, it is very important to stay professional in your approach as you engage with your customers. Make your emails as clear as possible with a concise purpose. It should also be flawless by avoiding spellings and grammar errors.

Following these tips can make the difference between boring usual everyday newsletters and exciting informative ones. Utilize your marketing skills and creativity to maximize your sales, get new customers, and encourage the old ones to keep coming back. Make sure not to annoy your readers with excessive emails and sales pitch that are boring and pointless. Never abuse your list by selling any of your customers’ information and make sure you never share your list to avoid any unwanted or unethical use.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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