We are often creatures of our habit. We tend to buy the same type of food every week when we pickup our groceries. It also gives us comfort to know what we are going to have for lunch or dinner, even if we are not really excited about our meals. But very few of us think about what we are putting into our bodies, in the health perspective, because we get so comfortable with the stuff we eat.


The secret to eating healthier lies in making healthy eating choices and making it a habit and paying attention to what we eat.

Adapt to a healthy eating habit

We get used to eating what we regularly eat, so we cannot change our eating habits overnight. Our habits need to be changed gradually, adding healthier food and drink and eliminating the items that are unhealthy for us. Below are some tips to switch to a healthier diet.

1. Swatch from whole milk to 1% milk

1% milk and whole milk are both equally nutritious and rich in calcium and vitamins, but 1% milk has less saturated fat and fewer calories.

clean_simplicity_refreshing_19096_l2. Drink water instead of carbonated drinks

Soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices add unwanted sugar and calories to our diet. Drinking water will help you to cut back on sugar and calories.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eating more dark green, red, and orange vegetables and fruits will give you more fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that your body needs to be healthy. Add vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and other vegetables into your diet.

4. Switch to whole grain bread from white bread

Eating whole grain bread will give you higher amount of fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. Unfortunately, refined flour does not have all the benefits of whole grain bread.

5. Cut back on fat

Avoid all foods that have a high amount of saturated fat. The major sources of saturated fat are cakes, cookies, ice cream, and other desserts that are usually made with butter and high amount of sugar. Also cut back on greasy processed meats, pizzas, sausages, hot dogs and bacon ribs.

woman drinking tea6. Drink plenty of fruit juices

Summer is the best time to drink plenty of fruit juices that supply you with antioxidants and vitamin C. You can make simple fruit juices at home from apples, lemons, limes, oranges, grapes, strawberries, blue berries, beets, carrots, celery, and all other healthy fruits or vegetables. It will cool, refresh and give you all the goodness of fruits and vegetables, as well as taking care of your cravings for sweets. Drink herbal tea instead of soda for more antioxidants.

7. Eat more fish

Eat fish such as tuna, salmon, carp, trout, and shell seafood such as oysters, crabs, and mussels because they have many health benefits. They are rich in protein, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids that keep your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol under control. You should eat fish at least 3 times a week.

8. Cut back on sodium

Check the nutrition facts labeled on canned food, soup, bread, frozen meals, etc. and choose the brand with “low sodium” or “no salt added.”

9. Go nuts

Eating walnuts, almonds, and other nuts have many health benefits. Nuts are good for your heart and also supply a good source of protein. They are also great for a quick snack between meals instead of sugary or salty treats to give you a quick energy boost.

10. Choose lean proteins

photo_4415_20071211When you buy meat or poultry, eggs, beans, milk or any of the food from the protein group, choose the ones with less fat. Chicken, turkey breasts, or ground beef are leaner and has less fat in them.

Eating healthier does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods; you just have to make a few changes to your eating habit. Shifting towards healthier eating can benefit your heath. Try eating smaller meals with more nutrition value.

Hope you liked our tips on healthy eating. Please join us on our free webinar with Janie Gianotsos, Director of Marketing & Community Relations at the Food Bank of the Rockies. She will be discussing with us the very real problem that hunger is right in the USA.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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