If you are interested in helping and saving the environment and want to make a real change, perhaps you should look at an environmentally friendly career. Whether this is helping build solar panels on houses or protecting our world’s oceans, there is a career out there to suit everyone’s tastes and experiences.

Environmental Engineer

If science has always been a career you have been interested in, becoming an environmental engineer may be for you. You will need a bachelor’s degree in engineering to begin a career in this field. As an environmental engineer, you may research and analyze data to find solutions facing the environment including the use of fossil fuels and recycling techniques. You may also work with other professionals such as architects and city planners to help build a more sustainable community where you choose to work and live.

Conservation Scientist

If you love the great outdoors and are great with people, this could be the career for you. You will need to have learned a forestry-related bachelor degree or similar to get a job in this career field. Aiming for a Ph.D. could get you on a higher paid job with more responsibility, and qualityeducationandjobs.com has information about schools that can offer the best education. As a conservation scientist, you will liaise with landowners and different government officials to fulfill the needs of communities and private landowners, whilst also ensuring the best is being done for the environment. This means ensuring forests and resources are utilized effectively.

Solar Engineer

solar panel installerWith solar energy becoming increasingly popular and the government agencies trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels, solar energy is a great career to get into, and there will be an abundance of jobs. As a solar engineer, you will build, design and implement solar energy for houses, companies, and cities. You will need a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering to get started in this career. This can be a great career if you wish to travel and like being hands-on with a project whilst helping the environment.

Agricultural Biochemists and Biophysicists

Biochemists and biophysicists do not just deal with medicine. In agriculture, these scientists can explore and discover new ways to engineer crops that introduces less wastage from droughts, insects, and disease. They can develop ways in which to clean up the environment and reduce the risk of pollution. They may also investigate alternative fuels to fossil fuels such as biofuels, which are an alternative renewable energy source derived from plants. This can be a job that can have a great impact on our environment but does need a Doctoral or professional degree to begin such a career.

All of these careers are a great way to begin to put your love of the environment into your job. Most jobs look at having voluntary experience too, so get yourself out there and help the environment in any way you can, whether it is helping at the recycling center or searching for surveying opportunities.

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