Many businesses enjoy being socially aware and are fond of raising money for charitable causes both locally and around the world. It does the world of good for the reputation of the business, but beyond that, does wonderful things for people in need. Pick a cause that is near to your heart and choose one of the following activities to engage in. You’ll be glad you did:

Office Cake Sale

The old-school approach to fundraising is to have a cake sale to raise funds for the charity of your choice. It’s a popular choice in offices and smaller businesses because you can turn it into a bit of a challenge by stating that everybody has to make their own cakes to bring in for sale. The other reason it’s so popular is pretty obvious, as you get to eat everything. It’s a lot of fun and looks great on your social media channels (regardless of whether the cakes look good or not) when you let people know how much you raised.


There are many ways to raise money as individuals, and one of the most popular is sponsorship. One of your team might be taking part in a marathon for charity, and their fellow employees could all chip in with some sponsorship money. You could also invest in corporate sponsorship for local charities, such as paying for the bibs for a local fun run or putting on the catering for a local event that’s raising money for a good cause. It feels good to reach out to people who are committed to helping people and can only bring good karma to your business.

Escape Room Challenge

At the Escape Room Boston, Massachusetts, your team are sent into a scenario based room and given 60 minutes to complete a challenge, complete with several tasks that you have to achieve in order to move forward towards your goal – escaping the room. These are hugely popular with businesses on team building days out, and you could make it even more interesting by turning it into a way to raise money for a certain charity. You could say that for every person who doesn’t make it through, you will donate $10 or $20 to charity. If you feel like your colleagues are brain boxes, you could switch that around, so you make more money.

Host a Fundraising Event at Your Workplace

Your workplace could be the perfect venue to host a fundraising event. There are a number of events you could host, from a comedy show. Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity was a recent success for raising money for Alzheimer’s disease, for example. You could hold the open mic, or – if you have a big enough garden area – you could host an activity day or BBQ. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get people to empty their pockets during the day, whether that’s through coffee, food and drink sales or by having staff walk around with buckets to collect people’s loose change.

Fitness Challenge

A great way to boost morale in the office whilst fundraising at the same is to have a workplace fitness challenge. You could bring in an exercise bike and have everybody see who can do the most kilometers on their lunch break or take the 10,000 steps and encourage everybody to track their steps during the workday. Whichever task you decide to do, collect as many funds as possible and make sure you repeat the challenge if it is a success.

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