Urban farming is gaining popularity around the world to cope with the rising food prices. Growing your own food to feed your family could easily reduce your grocery bills. You cannot find food any fresher and tastier than the food that grows in your own garden.

Growing your own food at home has many advantages. If you have ever grown your own food, you surely know the difference in taste.  Homegrown food can ensure that your food was grown organically, that no pesticides or chemicals were used, and you can grow varieties that are high nutritional value. Growing your own food also means eating fresh and eating locally which is as good for you as it is for the environment!

Do you think growing your own food is right for you? Please add your comments below in the comment box or on our Facebook page. Below are a few reasons why you should grow your own food.

Why you should grow your own food

You don’t have to live in the country or be a farmer to grow your food.  Your taste buds will surely appreciate the freshness and nutrition you would get from homegrown food. You could easily grow a wide variety of herbs, either in your backyard garden,  kitchen garden, or indoors in container gardens. Below are top five reasons to grow your own food.

1. Tastesuper-food-300x200

You could discover a whole new world of taste form your own garden. Find new varieties of seeds to grow in your garden. Make sure they are seasonal. There are endless possibilities and varieties available, so try to grow different things. I am sure, once you get used to eating fresh from your own garden, you will never go back to store bought food.

2. Nutrition

Organically grown food can have more nutritional value than store bought foods since it is fresher and and you can grow unique varieties not found in stores. Also, organic foods are grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which can leave unhealthy residues on food. Eating fresh is healthier and tastier than eating processed or stored food that has been sitting on a shelf.

3. Cost

You will be amazed to find out how much money you could save by growing your own food. You would not only save on groceries, but also save on your gas by saving trips to the grocery store. You don’t need to buy a lot of equipment to start gardening, so you get more for less.

4. Health benefits

cucurbita-20683_1280-300x191When you eat fresh, you live well. You couldn’t get any healthier or fresher food than food grown in your own garden. Eating fresh can help you live longer, fight diseases, and boost your immune system.

Besides getting healthy nutritious food; you would also get regular exercise, and a breath of fresh air working in your garden.

5. Environmental benefits

Gardening saves our environment in many ways. It helps prevent soil erosion, protects water quality of ground water, saves energy, reduces pollution, and filters out carbon dioxide while supplying fresh oxygen. Eating organic food will also ensure that you are not being exposed to any harmful chemicals from your food. It also makes your home and community much healthier and attractive.

So what are you waiting for? This is the best time of the year to start growing your own food, right at home, either indoors or outdoors in your kitchen garden or backyard.

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Hope you will enjoy home grown fresh foods. Please let us know how your garden is doing. Also please feel free to visit our Facebook page, and add some of your favorite foods that you are growing in your garden. We’d also appreciate your comments in the comment box below.

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