Human behaviour is having a dramatic and unprecedented impact on the health of our planet, and many worry that we have already passed the point of no return for climate change. Individuals and businesses alike have a responsibility to offset their impact on the planet and slash the emissions they’re responsible for.  

Many options require lifestyle changes, whether minor or more significant. Being as eco-conscious as possible will require an overhaul of how you live and your home environment. Making minor, more manageable changes can be a good place to start when trying to eliminate your carbon footprint.  

Take Reusable Bags Wherever You Go 

Reusable bags are one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce your impact on the planet. Most businesses nowadays charge a small fee for single-use bags, even biodegradable ones, as a deterrent for using bags unnecessarily.  

This means taking your own reusable bags with you will save not only the planet but also your wallet. It is best to choose bags made of natural materials or fabric and avoid plastic where possible. Canvas tote bags and string produce bags can be ideal.  

Choose Where You Spend Money Carefully 

The places you shop can make a big difference to your impact on the planet. You’ll need to do careful research to find out more about the negative effects that different businesses can have on the earth and ensure that green companies are reputable and truthful with their claims. By shopping only with businesses that have minimal adverse effects on the environment, you become part of a lowered demand for environmentally unfriendly companies.  

Make Changes To Your Workplace 

Making a change from within an organisation can be effective, and no business can afford to be branded as not caring about the planet and global warming. You can be a powerful agent of change within your organisation, so consider discussing green initiatives and sustainability in the workplace with your peers and managers.  

You could also consider taking an online course in business sustainability management, so that you will have the best possible tools at your disposal to help your employer become an effective eco-conscious business.  

Switch To LED Lights 

LEDs use a significantly lower amount of energy compared to traditional bulbs, saving you money and reducing your household energy consumption. LEDs can last for years, making them a sensible, eco-friendly, and cheap switch to make.  

Walk Or Cycle More 

Switching from driving to walking or cycling is one of the trickier lifestyle changes, particularly if you’ve become dependent on your car to get around. However, the impact of single-occupant cars driving to work, the shops, or errands should not be underestimated, as petrol and diesel engines contribute significantly to global warming.  

Walking or cycling are zero-emission ways of getting around and can help you improve your fitness levels while you’re at it. If you simply can’t live without a car, consider investing in an electric or hybrid to reduce the overall carbon footprint. There are plenty of electric vehicles out there to choose from, with financing available from the government and environmental organisations to encourage electric car use.  

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