Since we have grabbed the opportunity to shift our lifestyle from the Neolithic Period to the Agricultural Age and so on; we have made so many mistakes that have jeopardized this beautiful world’s environment, since the beginning of human history. We did not care about the consequences we have caused for the sake of the so-called development of civilization. On the other hand, the evolutionary process of the human brain also had a giant leap over the situation since the cognitive revolution started; now we can measure the effectiveness of using the wrong products on the environment, now we can fetch the opportunity to improve the lifestyle according to the betterment of our beloved world. 

Sometimes a single act of duty or moral perception can create a big difference. No matter what we do, even if it’s just thinking twice before grabbing a single product that has been imposed on our brain by some marketing algorithm. Only then we will be able to see the actual purpose of particular products, to our daily life.  

For example, the polythene bag we use to carry our daily needs bought from a shopping mall or grocery shop or any other center that sells products to enrich our life needs to be focused on carefully. Do we really want this bag to be a part of our life as far as the environment is concerned? I believe no. Because we have already acquired much more intelligence and information to answer this question stated above. NO! We don’t need these polythene bags to be a part of our daily life, and we can remove them from our life by using products made from natural fibers. Like Jute. 

Jute is regarded as one of the most affordable natural fibers by many. It can be transformed into reusable and environment-friendly bags. 

Why Jute Bags? 

Well first of all it’s durable since its fiber is spun into rough, strong strands, intended to be used many times. And it’s one hundred percent natural and eco-friendly. 

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, we started using fossil fuels such as coal and oil to power our industries. As a result, pollution increased throughout the world. Increased pollution and carbon emission also resulted in global warming, polar icecap melting, and sea-level rise. Environmentalists around the world recognized this problem and started looking for solutions and alternatives for fossil fuels. This included a search for new renewable and clean energy sources. A shift towards reusable or recyclable products to reduce this global impact also became necessary. 

Yes, it’s true that plastic bags also can be used several times and that will reduce the global warming potential from 1.57 Kg CO2 to 1.4 Kg CO2, but then again the byproduct of oil and gas will be more dangerous no matter how refined they are. No matter how many times they are reused, a conventional plastic carrier bag can last for two or more years before it disintegrates. It can also be toxic to the soil, water, and harmful if ingested by birds, fish, whales, or other terrestrial or aquatic animals. 

Nearly 300 types of species worldwide are affected by swallowing plastic debris. Also, a huge number of animals were entangled with these plastic bags or products which were thrown to the bushes, in the ocean, in the sewer, or maybe on the street. This cannot be the best picture of a cognitively revolutionized species, can it? 

Similarly, we cannot rely on the use of paper bags massively because we will be diminishing the ecological balance by cutting the trees to produce those bags. As a result, it may cause a reduced number of trees in forests. Moreover, paper cannot be recycled effectively like other components.

The bag that is produced from jute fiber has nothing to do with these issues stated above, except for aiding in eliminating them. One hectare of a jute plant, which can consume up to 15 tons of Carbon dioxide and can release 11 tons of oxygen in the specific time to jute growing season; more or less in one hundred (100 days) days. Jute is natural and 100% eco-friendly.  So why not jute bags for shopping! 


Still, this is not inevitable enough that jute bags are the only solution to this humongous amount of plastic shopping bags around the world. But since it is durable and eco-friendly we can always take an active approach to expedite the opportunity to build a better world without using toxic materials and educating others to do the same. 

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