Cold and flu seasons are upon us again. You can fight cold and flu by making your immune system stronger naturally. Here are 7 foods that will boost your immune system naturally. Try to include these in your daily diet.

Overall, your immune system does a remarkable job in fighting microbial organisms that cause diseases.  To fight cold and flu naturally, you need to practice some of the common healthy habits such as washing your hands, getting enough sleep, as well as including some super foods in your diet that boost your immunity.

7 Foods That Boost Your Immune System


Our immune system needs a good supply of nourishment to fuel its army. People who live on a poor diet are more vulnerable to common infectious diseases. Studies have shown that deficiency of several micronutrients such as folic acid, vitamins A, B6, C, E, zinc, copper, iron and selenium reduce immune responses.

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To keep your immune system healthy and strong, regularly include the five foods described  below in your diet, especially during the cold and flu seasons.


Chicken Soupsoup


Your grandmother was right. Studies show that there is something in chicken soup that boosts your immune system. Chicken soup helps fight cold and flu viruses by making noses run. Nasal secretions help fight pathogens naturally. Soup also helps you to stay hydrated and loosen up your congested chest, get rid of your irritations and raise the temperature of your airways.


Green Tea


Green Tea

What gives green tea its immune boosting taint is the antioxidants found in them. “One laboratory study suggested that a particular type of polyphenols called catechins may kill influenza viruses” –


Adding a little honey and lemon can also help increase the effectiveness and reduce the bitterness of green tea.





Eating plenty of seafood can help improve your immune system and help your body defend itself. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which improve your overall health – including your heart health. Protein found in fish is also good for your body. They help reduce inflammation, increase airflow in lungs, and help you fight flu and cold symptoms. Shellfish such as oysters, lobsters, crabs, and clams, contain plenty of zinc and selenium which helps white blood cells to  produce cytokines, and help clear flu viruses out of the body.


Green Leafy Vegetables


broccoli-637862_1280Greens like kale, broccoli, arugula, spinach, endive and so on, have everything our body needs to build a strong immune system to fight off germs. These veggies feature a wide range of vitamins and minerals from vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin K, calcium,  folate, iron, vitamin E and much more.


Citrus Fruits


Although any type of fruit and berries are good for you, eating plenty of citrus, such as lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit and such will supply you with plenty of vitamin C and help you get well from illnesses faster. One more benefit of eating fruits is that you get plenty of soluble fiber.


Soluble fiber—abundant in citrus fruits, apples, carrots, beans and oats—helps fight inflammation” – Christina Sherry, Ph.D., R.D.

Orange Colored Foods


Foods which are naturally orange in color such as carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges and butternut squash are loaded with beta-carotene. Beta carotene is turned into one of the essential vitamins for a strong immune system – vitamin A.


Dark Chocolate


praline-631434_1280Love chocolate? Here is one more reason to eat dark chocolate. Cocoa is full of natural disease fighting goodness, loaded with zinc and antioxidants. According to, “pure cocoa contains more of the disease-fighting antioxidants known as polyphenols than most berries.” Dark chocolate also help reduce anxiety. Remember to buy pure cocoa or dark chocolate for health benefits. Most popular candy bars may contain more sugar and fat, and less cocoa concentration.

Healthy diet and healthy lifestyle are two key elements of staying healthy. Try including at least one of these foods mentioned above in your daily diet and you will surely see healthy benefits. To fight disease, you also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Personal hygiene is also important when it comes to fighting diseases naturally. Remember to wash your hands before every meal.


Eat fresh, eat well, and  get plenty of sleep. A good healthy lifestyle, along with a healthy diet is the key to boosting your immune system and fighting off diseases naturally.  


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Source: Balanced Life Team

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