One of the main aspects of the American dream is to become financially free. By financial freedom, we mean to generate enough money to take care of all our financial needs and support our lifestyles without having to work actively. The basic difference between a financially free person and a financially un-free person is not the intelligence level, ability to work hard, or the skill levels, it lies in the mindset. The difference between the mindset of a financially free and un-free person is often the major determining factor. Once you have the right mindset, the rest will follow.

Prosperity and financial freedom is not how much you make, but it depends on how well you manage your expenses, and how well you are able to generate a steady income.

coins, pen and glasses over the hundred dollar bank notesConsider the old question; is the glass half full or half empty? A person with a financially free mindset wills always see the positive side of things. For him, there are always potentials, possibilities, rewards, and opportunities for growth. The un-free person, on the other hand, will see obstacles and risks.

An optimistic person can always see the positive sides of things. Staying positive does not mean being overconfident, and being unaware of the risks, but making the best possible outcome of any given situation.

The level of risk you are willing to take will depend on the type of person you are and on your personal traits. There are three basic characteristics that differentiate a person’s mindset:

1. Attitude: The basic attitude of a person with a financially free mindset will always have a positive attitude, no matter what. They take credit for things they do right and they take responsibility for the things that didn’t go so well due to their poor decision. But most importantly, they keep moving forwards, instead of dwelling on their failures or blaming their failures on anyone else. They always expect success, but they are not afraid to pick themselves up when they fall, and change course when necessary.

success-259710_19202. Risk taking: Financially free people also have high level of confidence, which often translates into being a high risk taker. Their strength comes from self confidence and self affirmation, which they gain from the success they achieve on a smaller scale, while they reach for a bigger goal. A lot of the success comes from believing in themselves, and also following other successful individuals ahead of them as mentors, who have already reached where they want to be.

3. Taking action: Success will never come your way if you never act on the opportunities around you. Today is the time when there are plenty of opportunities to gain financial freedom around us. Not only do you need to have a positive mindset, but you also have to act towards your financial freedom. You might have heard the old saying, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You need to invest in something, launch something, build something, find a way to gather wealth, and wealth will start flowing your way.

Turn your un-free mindset to financially free mindset

To turn your mind into a financially free mindset you will need to start taking financial risks. Start businesses that are just outside your comfort zone,and have a risk level slightly more than what you’d usually take, but not totally paralyzing. You might have been thinking about starting your own business for quite some times, but have held off for various reasons. Try to think about the positive side, and define the ideal final outcome you Job Application Formexpect from your venture. Write down all the things you need to do to achieve your goal, and print it out. Start reading the steps form beginning, and determine which step is the most difficult one in your list. Fold the paper right above the step where it starts to get scary, and start following these steps.

Once you are done with the easy steps and you unfold the paper, you will be surprised to learn that you will have all the courage and resources ready for plunging into the next steps. Not only that, you will have the mindset for bigger projects.

Once you train yourself to overcome smaller obstacles you will be able to take on bigger challenges and take bigger risks. Becoming successful will become natural to you.

Please put down a few words at the comment box below and let us know if you were able to achieve financial freedom through the tips shown here, and don’t forget to share.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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