Prevention is better than cure. With the cold and flu season still going around, you should concentrate on some of the power foods that strengthen our immune system. Going to the pharmacists for cold and flu medicines is not fun, especially when you can prevent getting sick just by eating some right kind of food, not only eating the right kind of balanced diet that is low in fat and calorie or food that gives you energy and protein for your body, but you also need some power food that boosts your immune system so that you have more germ fighting capacity.

For staying healthy and living a long and healthy life without diseases, eating right is a key element In our daily lives, No matter how careful you are or how many antibiotics you take, if you do not strengthen your immune system against germs, you may never be able to fight germs effectively. We come in contact with millions of germs, maybe more, everyday. You may have noticed that even after washing your hands with soap and following all health and hygienic rules, you still get infected with seasonal flu viruses or often get other germ related illnesses like stomach problems, fever, and so on. In this article, we will discuss how you can boost your immune system naturally just by eating some power food and keep germs from making you sick.

Seafood soup in hot pot

Chicken soup the old cold fighter

Remember your grandma’s chicken soup? She was right. Chicken soup is a great cold fighter. It has all the nutrients your body needs to fight cold effectively. Moreover, it acts as a powerful mucus stimulant by providing enough liquid and heat for your throat for getting rid of your chest and throat congestion. It even takes out the tough stubborn mucus from your nose. Even commercial chicken stock is effective against cold symptoms, so keep some chicken soup stock handy.

woman drinking teaGreen tea with ginger and honey

For fighting cold and keeping throat and nose clear, nothing beats a hot cup of green tea. Green tea has been proven to soothe your throat irritations and keeps your chest; throat and nose clear with the natural ingredients and vitamins that effectively boost your immune system. Adding ginger and honey to your tea will add an extra flavor. Honey also coats your throat to sooth your sore throat.

Spice up your food

There is nothing like hot spicy food to kick start your immune system against cold and flu. Add spices like ginger or garlic to your chicken soup or any other food and benefit from the natural antiseptics in these spices. Old spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and such have the natural power to boost your immune system. They also help unclogging your throat nose giving your relief from throat irritations. Black pepper is also rich in piperine, a potent compound known to fight fever and pain.


A cup of low fat yogurt everyday will make you less vulnerable to cold and flu viruses. Studies have shown that probiotics in yogurt are effective immune booster that naturally makes us stronger and less susceptible against diseases. Healthy bacteria found in yogurt keep your stomach and intestinal tracks clear and free from germs.

Green vegetables, fruits and citrus

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This old saying is true. All fruits and citruses are high in vitamin C that boosts your immune system naturally. Eating fruits and citrus everyday will reduce your chances of getting sick up to 25%. You can get vitamin C from any of the orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, grapes, peaches, strawberry, and such fruits or fruit juices. Besides fruits, some vegetables such as papaya, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, butternut squash, red bell peppers and brussel sprouts are also rich in vitamin C. Besides vitamin C, you might want to eat

Food containing vitamin D and Omega 3

spicy foodBesides vitamin C, vitamin D and Omega 3 oil is also an essential ingredient to keep diseases away. The good news is you can get vitamin D for free just by taking a walk in the sun. You can get vitamin D by drinking milk. Milk will also give you a good supply of calcium and protein, which your body also needs. Vitamin D and Omega 3 are also found in cod liver oil, fatty fish, tuna, mushrooms, etc. Vitamin D is essential for building strong bones and also strong immune system. Omega 3 is also good for your heart; it helps you to lower blood cholesterol.

Your immune system does a remarkable job at fighting diseases. Our eating habits and some special food can give our immune system a boost to fight disease causing germs better. Simply by eating healthy and making these power booster food a part of your daily diet, you can save your visits to the doctor and pharmacists, which will improve the quality of your life, keep you healthy for longer, and also save you from trouble of being in bed or save you from being hospitalized.


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Source: Balanced Life Team

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