Holistic medicine is a field of alternative medicine practices where the focus is placed on the patient as a whole. The concept of “whole person” in Holistic Medicine and Natural Health Practices comes from the idea that a person’s body, mind, spirit and emotions are all interlinked, and to achieve optimal health and wellness, all aspects of health should be considered and a proper balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health has to be achieved. To achieve good health, we must practice all healthy habits, including proper diet, exercise, rest, and a social balance.

Treating your whole body and mind

If we get sick, for example, we take medication. But, taking medication is one of the many treatment options you have to address your physical condition. A patient-436775_1280holistic approach, on the other hand, focuses on treating your body and mind and your whole being, and helps you to feel better. In addition to your medication, a healthy diet, proper rest, a healthy lifestyle and regular counseling and talk therapy with your physician can benefit you to a great extent.

It has often been observed that patients receiving holistic treatments tend to heal faster and stay healthier, than when they take medication alone. The Holistic approach has been especially successful when treating patients suffering from depression, along with other physical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, or cancer.

Diet for the body and mind

We often hear that our body is the physical aspect, construction of our bones, muscles and neurons that make up our brain, and our mind is about our thought processes and consciousness. But one of the central questions in psychology and philosophy is that if these two are distinct, where do they connect and interact? And which of the two is in charge?

Well, there is no denying that our body and our mind are connected in inseparable ways. Our diet can affect both, our body as well as our mind. People diagnosed with depression can often be healed with a proper diet, exercise along with medication and talk therapy. People who are depressed often find that eating junk food or sugary food can boost their mood for a while, because it’s easier to find, but it would make them more depressed once the energy levels goes down. The same thing goes for alcohol and street drugs. But eating healthy would gradually heal your depression, and also boost your health.

Ellen Greenlaw, a health and wellness writer, says, “Many specialists agree that a healthy diet of whole foods — such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, fish, and lean meats — is best for people with depression” – webmd.com. “We know that diet can have a strong influence on mood,” says Eric Endlich, PhD, a Boston-based clinical psychologist.


Information gap between doctor and patient

alone-62253_1280When it comes to diagnosing diseases, patients should not hide anything from their doctor, including their mental and emotional state. Most general practitioners will not ask patients about their emotional state, eating habits, or personal life.

A blog posted in Survey Monkey says that “According to our study, only 17% of senior-level healthcare professionals (HCPs) provide patients with information about their medical research. But 44% of patients want to know more about it. “(SurveyMonkey.com)

Many patients hide vital information from doctors; information such as any physical conditions, emotional state, supplements or street drugs that they may be using, or any information that they don’t want to disclose to their doctors about their personal life situations. In many cases, doctors do not have time or scope for discovering or going after this information on their own. However, a Holistic Therapist has the scope to understand and effectively communicate to their patients; especially patients with depression associated with other serious physical conditions, and so may diagnose and treat diseases more accurately. According to an article published in ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, holistic therapy involves a professional attitude that recognizes the whole person; not only fragments of a person with a disease.

Wellness by Mother Nature

stone-315465_1280A holistic approach of medicine uses all forms of health care, from conventional medication to alternative therapies, to treat a patient. The holistic practitioners recognize not only the disease, but the reason’s that might be causing the disease. The holistic approach uses all the goodness of Mother Nature, the natural way of boosting general health, keeping disease away and enhancing health naturally through a proper nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle, and constant counseling and coaching.

We will learn more about Holistic Medicine & Natural Health Practices from our next bi-weekly huddle webinar guest, Alicia Rocco. Alicia is a board certified integrated health practitioner and also a trusted life coach. Please join us for what is sure to be an informative and eye-opening hour!

Source: Nourish the Planet

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