You might have heard the old saying that “you are what you eat.” But very few of us realize how important diet is for a healthy life. Eating the right kind of food can make a big difference in your health and wellbeing. Modern medical science has helped to increase the lifespan of some people who may live to well over their 80s and 90s, but living longer isn’t much fun if you are not healthy and strong enough to enjoy your life. The secret to living a healthier, stronger and a more enjoyable life is to increase your fitness level through discipline, exercise, and of course through a well balanced healthy diet.

As you grow older, diet becomes an important factor in staying healthier and stronger. I remember back in my high school, I heard a speech from our school’s dietician. He used to say, “Just focus on your Ds”. There will be no need for doctors, drugs, diseases, and will be no deaths, if you just control your diet.

sushi-373585_1920Food, nutrition and diet can get complicated and confusing as you age. You might have intolerance or allergic reactions to some specific types of food, or you might need a special diet as you age. With age, your health conditions and the food you eat become highly related. For example, if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, you will need a special diet for lowering your cholesterol level. For people with diabetes, it’s important to have a low sugar diet. People with kidney malfunctions need to limit their protein intake.

Eating the right kind of food can significantly affect your health and well being by controlling diseases. It can also boost your health, mental wellness, fitness levels, and immune system, reducing your chances of getting ill.

To eat the right kind of food that would enhance your health, you will need expert advice. But who do you go to when you need help with your diet?

Dietitian & nutritionist

apple-18721_1920A nutritionist can give you advice on food and nutrition and can tell you the impact of food on health. Even a few decades ago, we didn’t seek advice form a nutritionist or a dietitian, unless we had a health issue such as diabetes. Recently, it has all changed because people have become more aware of the health impacts of food due to the changes in the food supply itself.

Today we have more choices of food. Having choices means either we have more chances of over-eating or eating the wrong kind of food. Today we need help with obesity, diabetes, food allergies, food intolerance, irritable bowel syndromes, and insulin resistance. People who are engaged in athletics and sports also need a special diet, whether for body building or boosting energy and fitness levels.

It used to be that you could get advice form a nutritionist or dietitian from your local gym or websites over the internet. But can you be sure the person giving you advice on food is certified and qualified? In some areas, dietitian and nutritionists do not necessarily need a license or be registered to practice. Today, your best bet for getting sound advice on food and nutrition is to consult a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Certified Nutrition Specialists & Naturopathy

A certified nutrition specialist can provide you with the sound advice based on science to help you fight diseases, and maintain health and wellness. This concept uses medical nutrition therapy to fight diseases, common health problems as well as obesity and maintaining a high level of nutrition competence. The modern trend of fighting disease through proper nutrition and natural alternative treatments, which mostly consists of a special diet 320px-Orange_juice_1designed specifically for individuals to meet their own specific needs and health concerns. These trends in modern scientific disease prevention and treatment have increased the demand for innovative, responsible and creative professional nutritionists.

The term Naturopathy is becoming increasingly popular today in preventing a wide range of diseases through changes to your diet and natural treatments, including herbal remedy. Diet and exercise also play major roles in overall health and wellbeing.

To learn more about health and nutrition please be with us at our next webinar, to be held on the 8/6/14. We are excited to have Dr. Jennifer Orlowski, as our guest. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Nutrition Specialist.


Source: Nourish The Planet



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