We are already 3 months into 2014. Maybe we should stop and look into your new year’s resolution now and see how they are holding up. Are you a better person now that what you were in 2013? Or maybe look back further and see if your life is changing for the better or worse. What things have changes? If you are willing to change and looking for ways to improve yourself, you have already taken the first step into becoming a better person this year.

How was your last year?

I think now is a good time to look into your past now, and see how things are going, or in which direction your life is going. You must have made some new year’s resolution to change your lifestyle, get rid of some bad habits, and improve in the areas of your life that needed improvement. How are your resolutions holding up?

There are several questions you should ask yourself to figure out if your life is going for the better or worse.

  • What major progress did you make this year so far to become a better person?
  • Are you getting the results you wanted?
  • Did you get satisfactory outcomes from your life last year?
  • What are you going to do different this year?

self improvemnetIf you have been monitoring your progress and evaluate yourself to see if you are on the right track, you will feel reinforced when you see the positive results.

The simple way to get things done and accomplish thing in life is by setting goals. As simple as it may sound, it is really that simple. Once you set your goals, you are going to get them. Many of us set goals that we forget all about, and therefore, the major flaw lies right at the begging, right at moment of setting goals. There is a major difference between setting goals and just wishing that things would happen for you. For example, you might have made a promise to yourself that you will get in shape this year. After three months you realized that you haven’t lost any weight or haven’t changed the way you were because you haven’t done anything so far to attain your goal. The problem was that you forgot all about your goal, and three months have already past.

Actually the problem was that when you set your goal about getting into shape, you just thought to yourself “it would be really nice if I could get in shape” but you did not set a goal. Setting a goal requires breaking down your task into smaller attainable tasks that you can achieve every day. It needs planning, discipline, and plenty of hard work.

Tips on becoming a better person

Improving your life starts with improving yourself. Usually you cannot see drastic changes in your life overnight, but you have to keep on trying bit by bit every day, and you will see a wondrous change hopefully at the end of this year. These healthy habits and tips that I am describing below are really easy and just needs your will power.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

good sleepRecent studies and researches show that getting a good night sleep and waking up early in the morning give you more energy throughout the day. In an article recently published by Dr. Michael J. Breus, (Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist and Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine) it has been described that ideal time to go to bed is between 10 P.M and midnight. The reason for this is our natural biological clock that has been developed and evolved through thousands of years of human evolution, is tuned to give us maximum amount of rest during those times.

Going to bed early is something that we can easily control. If we go to bed later than the ideal time, we may not get enough sleep, and may feel tired and less energetic in the morning. There are also physiological risks involved, such as hormonal imbalance, mood swings, food cravings, and so on.

Because our wake up time is often controlled by other factors, such as going to work, getting kids ready for school, and so forth, we may deprive ourselves of good night sleep if we do not go to bed early. On average, we need 8 hours of sleep. Our REM or rapid eye movement sleep usually lasts for 90 minutes, and we go through many 90 minute cycles every night, A person can feel really depressed and agitated if woken up before the REM sleep cycle is complete. So, in 7.5 hours, we can complete five sleep cycles.

good sleep2. Get off to a good start

Always start your day with a good breakfast, early in the morning the most important meal of the day is your breakfast because after you starve your body throughout the night. Your metabolism gets slower and slower all through the night, and it needs proper nourishment in the morning to provide the energy you need for your daily activities. To lead a healthy life, it is import to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. You may even include some light workout in the morning before you start your day. It has also been found out by researchers that people who eat a healthy breakfast and workout regularly, can easily lose weight, so you eat more and still lose weight.

3. Plan your day

It is a great idea to spend some time in the morning before you start your day to prepare a “things to do list” to keep a schedule and manage your tasks better. If you are working at an office, spend 10-15 minutes before you start your day to plan and schedule your tasks. That way, all your goals and objectives are set for the day you know exactly what you need to achieve for the day. However, don’t feel overwhelmed if your things to do list look too long. Many people get discouraged by their tasks and are afraid even to make an attempt at them. However, you can get things done only if you know what you need to do. it is also a good idea to prioritize your tasks, keeping the most important tasks at the top and gradually go down the list with less important tasks at the bottom. That way, even if you miss something, it will be the less important ones. Another thing is don’t wait too long to start a task. Get them done now, don’t wait. Many people even waste plenty of time thinking about where to start. Keeping a list will eliminate such problems.

plan your day

4. Control your anger

As your day progresses, you may feel agitated or angry with your tasks or your co-workers. Try to control your anger. Suppressing your emotions is also just as bad. Try and keep a balance in your emotions, and relax. Be assertive, but courteous with your co-workers. Remember to smile, because there are many health benefits of smiling. It relieves your stress, as well as makes you look much better.

angel5. Try to help others

“No one can live happily who has regard for himself alone” Therefore, Improving your own life could mean helping others to improve theirs. Among the most essential things in life such as money and power, there is also wisdom and well being and our ability to wonder. All of our life’s treasures are boosted if we find the time and make efforts to find someone to give. Great happiness comes from making others happy.

We are now into the new era of science and technology. It has become possible today to make impossible things happen. Things that we only dreamed about even a few years ago are now reality. Among other things, it is important to improve ourselves, and become better persons, and collectively we can build a better community, or even maybe a better planet.

I have tried to put down a few points that are easy to follow and may improve our lives. Please feel free to share some of your own ideas or comments, and don’t forget to share.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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