Container gardening can add beauty and creative expression to your home – indoors or outdoors. You can grow a number of plants in any open space or small spaces in your house or around your house, for food, beauty or just for being touch with nature.

Container gardening is an easy and functional way to grow a variety of plants indoors or outdoors. It’s suitable for small spaces, where traditional gardening is not possible. You could choose a wide variety of containers for growing plants, or use your creativity and turn anything into an indoor garden.

Ideas for container gardening

640px-Container_garden_on_front_porchIf you live in a house with a small area or without a large garden, container gardening would make more sense to you. You don’t need a large space or to spend a lot of money to grow your own plants indoors. You would be surprised how you could use spaces for growing plants using containers that you would have otherwise thought impossible. Below are some tips to get you started on your container gardening project.

Choosing your pot

Choosing a flower pot for your container garden can be easy. You can always buy flower pots from the garden supply store, but you could also turn anything that holds soil and has drainage holes in the bottom into a flower pot. If they don’t have drainage holes, you would need to drill holes in them. Choose your pots based on:

  • Eye appeal
  • Convenience
  • Cost

Your pots should be attractive enough for indoor planting and they should also provide adequate space for the roots of your plants, so consider larger containers for bigger plants. Also consider the availability of adequate light and air when placing your pots.

Selecting soil

When it comes to container gardening, your typical garden soil will not work. Soil for the containers needs to be well drained and well aerated. It should also be able to hold enough moisture for your plants in order for them to grow healthy.

gardening-690940_1280Soil for containers is always modified to provide proper drainage and aeration. Some of the container soils available in the market are artificial, and contain no soil at all for this purpose. Filling large containers with commercial container soil can be costly.

You could make your own container soil by mixing various things such as mulch, bark, yard waste, ground coconut hulls, and so on, with your garden soil. You could also use stones as filler for the bottom of your container. This would also ensure that your soil doesn’t drain out.

Selecting plants

Your container gardens are living foliage and flowers for you. Choose plants that would suit your needs. It should also depend on your long term or short term goals. For example, you could plant a variety of flowers, beautiful perennial flowers if you would like it to last for a long time, and want to make your home look good. For growing food, you could have a salad garden growing right on your kitchen window sill, or choose from several delicious seasonal fruits and even microgreens.

There are so many ways you could have a spectacular indoor garden in your home. The possibilities are endless, and so are the benefits. You could grow your own food at home, or improve your indoor air quality and health.

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