Having a great memory is an asset for many. We often forget simple things like where we put our keys, blank out during a test or forget what time we need to pick-up the kids from football practice. People with the gift of a good memory can easily remember directions, maps, pictures, and lists, and clearly have an extra edge on those who are not so great at remembering things. Even if you have a pretty good memory and have no problem getting by in your everyday life, you could still improve your memory. There are people who have photographic memory. People, who are intelligent and successful in life, have developed a good memory early in their lives.

solcial mediaMemory can help us get ahead in every aspect of our lives, be it at our jobs, at school, or even at our business. Memory can help people unleash their full potential. People with a good memory tend to be confident, intelligent, and successful. Do you have to be born with a photographic memory? No. Even though some people are born with a photographic memory, you can still train yourself to remember things better.

Here is a list of 5 things that you could do to improve your memory:

Everyone forgets things once in a while. We forget what is on the grocery list or can’t recall where we put our important things, things such as car keys, and documents. Memory loss should not be taken lightly and should be worked on. Below are a few things that you can do to improve your memory.

1. Be Active

exerciseTry doing some brain teasing activities like regularly playing cross word puzzles, learning a new language, learning to play musical instruments, and anything else that involves brain activities. Include at least one hour of physical activities in your daily routine. It could be a walk, a game of tennis, riding a bike, swimming or exercising in the gym for an hour.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep at night has many benefits. When we sleep, our brain gets rid of excessive waste and consolidates memories so that we can recall things easily when needed. Sleep deprivation can reduce brain performance and increase memory loss. Make sleeping well a priority and get at least six to eight hours of sleep a night.

3. Organize

logic-41382Throughout our lifetime, we spend roughly one year looking for our possessions. We could save a year and use it to do something more important in our lifetime if we kept everything in order. You are more likely to forget where you put your things if your house is in clutters. Designate places for your stuff like your keys, glasses, shoes, and other important things that you need on a regular basis. Your mobile phone, wallet, purse, umbrella, and things like that should be kept in a place that you can easily find every day. Use planners to keep track of appointments and keep a special notebook for keeping track of your calendar. Organizing your tasks can help you get your life in order and get rid of all the chaos.

4. Eat Healthy

enjoyine lifeA healthy diet is the key to physical and mental well being. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will enhance your body and mind with vitamins and antioxidants. Eating fresh is the key to healthy eating; low fat lean proteins and fish are also a good for you. Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your brain and also your heart. Also, drink fruit juices and plenty of water. Reduce alcohol and junk food intake.

5. Interact with people regularly

Instead of using electronic devices to communicate with your friends, try interacting with your friends and family face to face. Regular interaction with people will increase your concentration, reduce multitasking and it will also relieve stress.

Follow these tips and you will see improvements in your physical and mental health. You will find it a lot easier to remember things. If you are suffering from chronic conditions or physical problems such as thyroid problems or kidney dysfunctions, seek medical help and follow your doctor’s instructions.

We will be posting tips on mental and physical health regularly, so please comeback for more tips. We’d also love to hear from you, so please leave a message below, and it would greatly encourage us.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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