Life is different for different people. There are several things that one can enjoy during the course of the day, and it could be different for every individual. However, it is important that you balance all aspects of your life, including work, your leisure your relationship, recreation, and so on.

What is balanced life?

Keeping a balance in your life and self development is very important. The simple rules to live a happier and healthier life are to keep your work life balanced, eat a balanced diet, balance your free time, and so on. So it seems like it is important to achieve a balance between the activities that we do in our everyday life. But what exactly is balance and why is it so important? is it really hard to achieve balance? The topic of balanced life seems to be an elusive one and by no means a clear concept by everyone’s common concept.

The environment that we live in is constantly changing and we change according to our surrounding environment in order to feel comfortable and be secured in our everyday life. For example, the seasons change, our expenses change, we become older and our needs change. When we feel hot, we seat to keep our body temperature down, and when it is cold we shiver to make us feel warm. Our bodies as a physical being, changes constantly and we are well adapted to our surroundings as we respond to these changes.

In nature, all living things achieve this balance or equilibrium through adaptation to the environment and making minor changes within themselves when optimal conditions shift. We can observe and ecological balance between all living and non living things in the nature that follow these rules of homeostasis and this is what balanced life really is. Balanced life means making changes or adjustments within ourselves to maintain equilibrium, according to the needs of our surrounding environment and whenever the conditions shift from our favorable conditions to difficult situations.

balanced life

Leading a balanced life

Life balances on several aspects, and without attention to one or neglecting one aspect would mean you would go out of balance. If you feel that you are constantly missing out on any aspect of life because you are chancing some other goals, you might be living an unbalanced life.

There are many elements in life that make our lives balanced. There are elements within yourself that need to be balanced, before you can go into the real world situation and find balance in your environment or in the life that you are living. Balancing your life could mean your internal balance, balancing depends on both, internal and external attribute.

We are all different in personalities, way that we think, behave, believe, and what our goals are. many physical aspects such as your age, sex, location, appearance, relationships, family life, acquaintances, piers, your social network, all play a role in your life, and are elements of balance when it comes to balancing your life.

For example, your internal balance depends on your mind, and emotions and body to some extent. The way you look, feel and your self esteem could play a role in balancing your inner self. Our behaviors are influenced by many factors, and our mental balance is the first thing that we need to find our internal balance.

Leading a balanced life comes from a conscious decision. The first step is to recognize that your life has out of balance and you need to do something to bring back balance again. The next step is to realize which part of your life has gone out of balance and fixing that part so that you find balance again.

How do you know if your life is in balance?

Diagram of life balanceSo you are doing well in your business or job, and you think your life is going OK, but suddenly you realized that you have been working so hard to establish your business or making your boss happy at work or you have been working hard to get that promotion that you forgot all about your friends and family. This happens to many people. They work hard every day, go after their goals, and become successful at their careers, but have no social life, or their families suffer because they never spend quality family life anymore. This is one example of how someone can gradually go out of balance,

There are also other scenarios where someone can gradually become confined within oneself, hardly keeping in touch with friends, or family in pursuit of career. But money is just one aspect of life, and a person cannot be balanced unless he or she can find equilibrium among all the elements of life.

There are also people who have lost interest in everything. They don’t worry about appearance, careers, or health and they don’t find anything interesting to go after or set new goals. Nothing feels fun anymore, they get fat, their hair turns grey and they don’t even try to improve their lives.

balanced lifeLot of the imbalance comes from emotional stress, frustration, occurrences in life, influences from friends, or through learning, experience, and mentors who misguide them. There are also a number of people whose imbalance comes from drug abuse or substance related problems.

So if you are leading a balanced life, you find happiness in everything you do, you look and feel great, you wake up in the morning, plan your day, set your goals, and you are determined to achieve all your goals by the end of the day. You also know that there will be few obstacles along the way. But if you are balanced, you will be able to cope with all the problems, and will be ready to face the day again the next day.

Once you know your life is out of balance, make a choice to get it back into balance again. Balancing your life requires knowledge, experience, patience, gradual practice, expert advice, and professional help, which you can easily find if needed.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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