If you’ve long been looking for an improvement that you can make on your home, one of the best options that you might want to consider is a magnetic water conditioner. The water going through everyone’s pipe system might not be as clean as you would’ve initially thought so. Hard water can cause damage not just to your health but even to your everyday appliances such as coffee makers and humidifiers. The best way to soften this up is through the installation of a magnetic water treatment system.

How does your home seek to be benefited by having this installed? Read through below to find out.  

But First, How Does It Work?

Magnetic water conditioners work by allowing water to first pass through a strong magnetic field. The machine is equipped with two neodymium magnets on each side of the incoming pipe. Through this, the water is refined by the uniform magnetic field. As the water passes through the magnets, it’s softened. Excess calcium is removed and the structure is changed. Hence the water becomes less capable of sticking to the surfaces that it passes through. This is what prevents the damage in your water systems and appliances.

Now, Its Benefits

1. Clothes Will No Longer Feel Itchy

You may have noticed that despite using the best water detergent, your clothes still feel itchy. It could also have an unpleasant smell despite drying it very well. When you’ve done all that you can to remedy this problem, and nothing still works, you may have to dig deeper. Perhaps it’s the quality of the water that’s flowing through your house. If this is the case, having a magnetic water treatment system may help. Naturally, some local areas have more problematic water sources than others. If you belong to these localities, a magnetic water conditioner is going to be a worthy investment.

For instance, also, you’ve got a business that’s highly dependent on water. It may be either of the following:

  • A laundry shop
  • A restaurant or coffee shop
  • A car wash

In these cases, it’s all the more reason that you need to ensure your water is free from too many particles like calcium. 

2. Plants Will Grow Healthier

This section applies both whether or not you’re merely keeping plants in your home for a garden, and you’re in the plant business. With a magnetic water treatment system, minerals are broken down into smaller particles. This process makes the nutrients more bio-available to the plant cells. Or that the plants easily absorb them. Because of this fact, it’s safe to say that magnetic water treatments are one of the best water softener alternatives that you can choose from.

The results that you can observe include:

  • Healthier plants
  • Maximum hydration of the plants
  • Healthier water for the plants
  • Longer shelf life for plants, when they are harvested
  • Faster growth

Because of ensuring that your water is of the best possible quality, you may even be able to stay away from fertilizer and pesticides. This makes for healthier and more chemical-free produce, especially when you’re trying to make your chemical-free garden.

3. Showering Feels Cleaner

You shower or bath yourself to cleanse yourself from all the day’s worth of dirt that sticks in your body. Apart from that, the water should also be fresh enough so it can rinse the soap off your body. Else, you’ll only feel slimy and sticky. This is, unfortunately, a usual occurrence, especially when the water in itself is unclean. Through magnetic water treatment, this can be fixed. When the water flowing in is free from too many minerals, it’s able to function in the best that it can.

4. Water Condition Also Feels Healthier

Pollution is affecting almost all aspects of the world today. There are the air people breath and even the water that you drink. When you’re so used to drinking from the tap, it’s often hard to accept that the water quality of today is no longer as good as it was years back.

Environmental waste, toxins, and other chemicals dumped into the water have now resulted in dead water. This means that the water flowing through the tap is richer in harmful chemicals than the good ones that your body needs. Yes, water purifying is still a good solution. But, you can make it even better by making your water biologically active. With this, the healthier nutrients in the water break up better so that the body can better absorb it.

The process of allowing your water to go through a magnetized water conditioning enables your water to:

  • Increase its oxygen content through increasing the ability of the water to dissolve compounds
  • Increase the alkaline level of the water which balances out and regulates the body’s pH level

Learn more about magnetic water conditioning by watching this video:


Magnetic water conditioners work to remove existing scale deposits. These deposits are often inevitable as water passes through your plumbing system. The result? Damage to your appliances and pipes as a scale to build up and attach. You don’t realize it, but you’re damaging your water system as you use it every day. Magnetic water treatments soften and clean up this hard water, as it is called. 

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