Winter is here, but don’t let the cold weather stop you from farming. You can still grow a wide variety of plants indoors for food or grow ornamental plants indoors for home decoration or for profit!

Plants are literally life savers! They can help you live better, eat healthier, and also help you get richer if you choose to do use them for this purpose. If you like to grow your own food, there are a number of plants you are able to grow indoors in the winter, if you have enough sunlight and heat you can make it happen. For indoor planting, there are many different methods available today, we are going to show you some of the methods we like so that you can benefit from them as well.

Urban farming ideas:

Farming is not limited to the country or outdoors anymore, farming indoors is also another great way to grow plants during this time of the year. Some of the urban farmers have found ways to grow a number of crops in the city despite the idea that this is not possible. Even though it’s winter, you are able to grow a number of indoors crops for profit. Below is a list of plants you can grow indoors for profit.


1. Basil:

basilBasil is one healthy plant that we are able to grow indoors. It has many culinary uses, and it’s also used for making aromatic oils. It is as easy to grow indoors as it is to grow in your garden so use this feature to grow basil anywhere you like. However, you don’t wait until spring, start growing it now! You’ll need a container, some potting soil and a bright spot and with these tools, you should be well on your way to growing this healthy plant.

Basil needs at least 6 hours of steady sunlight during the day. If you don’t have enough light indoors, use artificial fluorescent lights to help them grow better, but make sure the light is the right kind as this can have an important effect on how the plant grows. You may need to control heat if you are in a cold area as well. If your plants are touching the window pane they may get damaged, so your windows need to be well insulated, preferably have double paned ones to keep the plants safe. If your basil leaves get damaged by the cold window, pinch them off as they may contaminate the rest of the plant.

2. Microgreens:

Microgreens are excellent food because of their taste and many nutrients. You can grow a wide variety of herbs and salad greens on your sunny window sill or anywhere indoors. Just make sure that you have enough light as this is essential for any plant to grow properly. If you are living in an apartment that is not well-lit, maybe you can use fluorescent lights as a replacement for natural light. Just like basil, use light potting soil and a well-drained container for planting.

3. Indoor Fruit Trees:

If you are a fruit lover and would like to grow some fruits indoors for yourself, don’t let your small apartment and the winter weather stop you. You can still try to grow a few of the fruit trees indoors despite the weather and the conditions or land that you may have available. This is a fun and healthy way to get your supply of fruits daily as well as it being low cost and can even generate profit for you.


Here are some fruit trees you can grow indoors:

  • Strawberries: Strawberries are amazing fruits that can be grown indoors. They are quick fruit producing plants, which need a sunny spot to grow and they are healthy and also easy to sell to people you know.
  • Lemon: You’ll get excellent results if you grow lemon indoors. Use starter plants such as this one for faster results if you wish to do so.  
  • Papaya: Papaya is ideal in warmer temperatures, and it needs regular watering and trimming to grow properly. If you choose to grow papaya, make sure you use a large container and a sunny window to grow papaya indoors.
  • Grapes: Have your indoor vineyard! It’s a lot of fun, have the grapevine grow in climbing frames. which will also add a great look to your place! They can also grow on your walls and ceiling which makes them very space efficient. However, these plants need training, trimming and ventilation so you will have to keep an eye on these things. You can jump start your vineyard if you start with starter plants.  
  • Figs: Figs grow best in large pots and in a well-lit area. They need heat but not direct sunlight, and so, they do well in small, well-lit apartment so they can grow in almost any place. Just like with the other fruits use starter plants for fast results.



EAT FreeGrowing plants indoors can supply you fresh and nutritious foods right at home, and it’s also a fun way to ensure health and well-being.  These tips will help you to learn to grow a number of plants indoors in the winter, even if you are living in a small apartment in the city! Use these tips and save yourself some money and increase your health simultaneously!

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Source: Nourish the Planet

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