Your job is related to the environment. You are exposed to nature’s beauty every day. You started your business to help conserve the wild spaces in your area, and now you want to promote it. 

Want to learn how to amp it up even more? Video content is shared 1,200 times more than both images and text together.

In this post, we will give you some ideas to kick-start your video marketing campaign for your ecotourism business.

Introduction to Video Marketing

Most people assume that creating video content is a demanding and expensive process. It does not need to be, though. You do not need to hire a production crew to get video marketing right. The success of live videos on social media shows us that consumers do not always want perfectly polished content.

That said, there are some basic rules to adhere to when creating content for your business:

  • Use a good quality camera: You do not need top-notch filmmaking equipment. You can even use an SLR camera or phone if it shoots sharp videos. Image quality is vitally important here.
  • Pay attention to lighting: When you are out in the wild, the lighting might be an issue. Practice shooting at different times of day to find that “golden hour.” Indirect light from the morning sun often provides the best balance between illumination and exposure.
  • Sound counts as well: That is if you are using it. If your video has sound, make sure that it is clear, without irritating scratches or other noises. You can opt to run music instead of talking or do voice-overs when you get back to the office.
  • Plan out the shoot and script beforehand: Plan your shoot carefully so that you get the best lighting and sound. Create a script to avoid awkward pauses and mistakes.
  • Edit and re-edit: If you are not sure how to do this, it can be worthwhile bringing in a professional editor.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s move onto some more advanced tips.

Define the Purpose of the Video Beforehand

The clearer you are on the purpose of the video, the easier it becomes to film. It pays to remember that different goals have different purposes and so the videos will be different.

You can, for example:

  • Create a video showcasing the area: Majestic scenery coupled with inspirational music is a bit of a cliché. It is a cliché that works, though, especially in the tourism industry.
  • Create an educational video: This will teach your audience something. You will need a clearly defined script and clever execution. This one might involve props.
  • Create a tutorial: This can be something like learning how to track an animal. Just keep it interesting and highly informative.

Change Up the Format

You can do a lot of different virtual tours in a row. How many of those will your audience actually watch? Change things up from time to time to maintain interest.

You can create:

  • A virtual tour on day one.
  • A tutorial the next time around.
  • A teaser video where you get up close to an animal and make the audience guess what it is.

There are plenty of video formats to play with. Choose different ones and monitor the results that you get. The ones that are most popular with your audience are the type you want to use more.

Choose the Ideal Publishing Time

This is particularly important when you are sharing your video on social media. From an accessibility standpoint, videos can be watched at any time. If you want the maximum coverage, however, you must time the publishing to when your target audience is most likely to be active on the channel.

Create Valuable Content

It is easy to create endless videos about what your business is about and why people should choose your services. Unfortunately, these videos are seldom successful. It is better to create some basic videos on your site explaining what you do. Perhaps you can introduce your team members as well. 

Afterward, consider what your target audience will find valuable. What kind of videos are most likely to be shared? A video of a cute bear cub frolicking in a field is likely to be shared a lot more than a monologue about why you are the best guide out there.

Add Some Excitement

Keep abreast of the latest technology to see what the “cool” kids are watching. You can, for example, fly a drone over the area to give your audience a unique perspective. You can also create 360° footage to add extra interest.

Create a Narrative

People love hearing stories. Perhaps yours can be about how Bruno the bear cub got separated from his mom. Create a follow-up video on how they were reunited. Over time, you can update your audience on Bruno’s progress.

A well-told story will win you a lot more shares and views than a disjointed monologue.

Give People a Sneak Peek

Most of us love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Take advantage of this to create interviews with your employees or locals in the area, for example. Let them see what goes into a tour—it will intrigue them and let them feel as though they are in on a secret.

Final Notes

Videography opens up a whole new world for the ecotourism industry. There is no better way to show people how special nature is. They will get to see the beauty for themselves and might even learn something along the way. 

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