Self confidence can play a very important role in our everyday tasks and becoming successful in our lives. The way we are perceived by others at work. When you appear confidant about your tasks, people around you also pay more attention to you. Especially if you are in the leadership position, or in cases where you are on your own on a task, it is important to be confident and believe in yourself. There are cases, starting from early childhood, that you were given a task, but because you didn’t believe in your abilities, you didn’t even want to begin the task. Many people do not accomplish their goals, just because they were not confident enough, or didn’t believe in their abilities or were too afraid of failure that they were even afraid of trying the task.

Self confidence, self pride and arrogance – where to draw the line?

439197_80220216Self confidence is nothing but self assurance, and being sure about one’s abilities. Along with being self confident, a person can also become over confident or arrogant at some point, when he or she believes in something or on himself too much, without considering the options that he or she might be wrong or he or she might fail. While self confidence is healthy, being overconfident or arrogant can be harmful for any saturation. Having too much self pride and not considering failure can lead to disasters and failure as well. For example, an overconfident person might say “this will never happen to me” but often the truth and reality of life is things do go wrong and accidents do happen, but it makes a diffidence in our lives or in others’ lives, how we deal with the mishaps.

A person who is not in touch with reality might become overconfident and even arrogant. When a person has extreme pride in himself or herself, it often indicates a lack of self estimation and an overestimation of one’s own accomplishments, capabilities, competence, especially when the person is in a position to exhibit power. This is often unhealthy and unmerited confidence, believing in something or someone to be correct when it is not. Confidence is a major key to success, and we need to know what confidence really is.

What is confidence?

confidenceConfidence is nothing but being sure about your own abilities. This means that you should be able to evaluate yourself before starting any job, knowing what you are capable of, and meeting the demands of the job with your knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience. When you perform any task at work or anywhere else, you need to be certain that the steps you are performing to do that task, are accurate and only then you can be confident. Confidence also involves your ability in choosing the best available option in any given situation, and knowing that you made the right choice. This comes with deep knowledge about one’s tasks, practice and skills about the job, while considering all possible options and alternatives, including the possibility of failure.

How to become more confident

There is no doubt about it that confidence is a major key to success. However, confidence is not a simple thing to achieve. It is gained through practice, knowledge, insight, and training. Confidence builds up gradually through knowledge, practice, and application of your knowledge in your field gradually. It is the small things in life that makes you confident. For example, if you want to compete in a race against some of the best athletes of the world, you need to start racing against the athletes in your area first, and winning small competitions first would make you confident that you might take the world class athletes as your challenge. To do that, you might need intense training, coaching, and do everything you need to do to make you a world-class athlete.

Confidence inspires dependence

Confident people are not always competent; however, our perception of confident people leads to trust. When you present yourself with more self confidence at work, people tend to trust you more with your tasks and you are perceived as more competent. You can very easily become active and successful at work if you perform your tasks with confidence, gaining trust and often respect from others. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, seek help and improve on the skills that you are not expert on. Hiding your weaknesses will not make you a better or more competent worker.

Confidence leads to action

raise the barWhen you know what you are capable of, you are more likely to take actions, rather than being shy. Most people fail because they do not pursue their goals aggressively enough. There are many examples of people who go after their goal and succeed by overcoming every obstacle in their way because they believed in themselves.

Stretch your limit & Raise the bar

Confident people also know their limits, so they can stretch their limits by setting bigger goals. Once achieving goals becomes a habit, they often find that setting bigger goals can be more advantageous, and so they get focused on bigger achievements. People with a lack of confidence often set their goals too low and get poor results, not trying harder to get the top results.

Confidence leads to success

Confidence people can choose their options and their goals. They know when to say yes, when to say no and when to ask questions. Believing that you can be successful and working towards success confidently is the only way to become successful.

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