green has surely caught the attention of people these days. Every consumer would rather buy goods or services from a green business than any other conventional business. If you can convince your customer that the products and services you offer are sustainable, you have a better chance of making a sale in today’s market, and in most cases, consumers are willing to pay the premium price for sustainable products. If you are passionate about reducing negative impacts on the planet and want to go into business on your own, you might think about starting your own green business.

A sustainable business will minimize waste, use all resources efficiently, and minimize negative impacts on the globe. Eco-friendly businesses have lots of growth potential because people are just becoming more and more aware of the need to be eco-conscious. If you are an ecopreneur but lack the idea as to which business you should start, keep reading. Below are the best green business ideas that you can start right from your home with little capital or overheads.

Green eco-friendly business ideas

photo_17246_20100318There are growing concerns about how we impact the globe, what food we consume, and how we raise our farm animals. These concerns are growing in every sector of business and farming including fisheries, livestock farms, and farmers who grow fruits and vegetables. You could capitalize on your knowledge and passion about the environment and start your own home-based business. Below are 10 ideas for a green and eco-friendly business that you could start from your home.

1. Organic food business

People are becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the food we consume and the impact it has on our health and environment. Consumers are now reluctant to buy food products that are excessively packaged and processed with preservatives because of the health issues and wastage from packaging materials. You could start your business as an organic food vender selling freshly grown food that is grown without any chemicals or preservatives. People would buy more of your unprocessed food products if you sell your fresh fruits and vegetables to the local market.

2. Organic product vendor

There are plenty of organic products that you could be selling or manufacturing that are in demand in today’s market. Products like eco-friendly cleaning products, hair care, skincare, beauty, and health products.There is also high demand for organic pet supplies, which you could easily capitalize on.

recycled-reuse-repurpose-787181-h3. Products from recycled materials

You could manufacture thousands of products from recycled materials. Products such as old furniture, appliances, bicycles, and automobiles are some of the items that you could repair and resell for a profit.

4.Green transportation services

Start a transportation business that uses environmentally safe fuels.For example, use electric vehicles or run your cars, trucks, or vans on eco-friendly bio fuels or natural gas.This will conserve the environment and minimize air pollution and carbon emission while reducing environmental impacts.

5. House cleaning

You can easily start a house cleaning home-based business without a lot of effort. All you need is some cleaning products and publicity to get clients. You could start by cleaning houses for your friends and family. You could easily hire more people to do the job for you as you expand. Make sure you use all eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products and supplies.

6. Recycling business

ACT_recycling_truckYou can easily help the environment by opening up a recycling business. Many home owners and people who work on construction sites do not bother to recycle their waste and would be willing to pay you to clean and haul it. Household trash and waste from commercial construction sites could easily provide you enough material to sell for a profit. Waste from sites contains valuable metals and other materials such as copper, iron, plastic, and wood, which could be sold and recycled. You can find more business ideas out of recycled materials in our previous blogs.

7. Heating and cooling services

Large amounts of energy can be wasted through faulty or old heating and cooling systems. You could promote sustainability by installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems and repairing old, faulty ones. You could also service old systems by replacing them with modern energy efficient systems that conserve energy and preserve the nature.

8. Installing solar panels

This business will soon have high demand because many big companies, as well as residences, will install solar panels as alternate sources of energy to minimize their energy costs, which will also reduce their overall cost of operation. This business will highly reduce our dependency on fossils and minimize carbon footprint.

9. Green building construction

insulating houseThousands of houses are being built in the United States every year, and construction industries are also not left out of the green movement by having builders with sustainable building techniques. Today, green buildings utilize eco-friendly building materials and environmentally safe practices for building construction. Practices such as planting more trees, using the sun’s heat for room heating and water heating, using solar cells for energy, and using supplies and products that save resources.

10. Green consultant

The market for environmental consulting is increasing rapidly. Many businesses hire consultants rather than keeping an in-house environmental team. You can work as a consultant or as a green adviser for businesses to help them become greener. You can also help people become more sustainable by becoming a general green consultant for their homes, gardens, buildings, and for their overall lifestyle.

No matter what you do for a living, you should practice sustainability and try to go green. This is the only planet we have, and we should take care of it the best we can. What are your thoughts about it?

Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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