The use of the internet by seniors has risen drastically in the last two decades. While there may still be a considerable gap in digital reliance between millennials and boomers, it is true that this gap is closing faster every year.

Smartphone ownership among seniors has now doubled in the U.S over the last four years, with every four out of ten now making use of digital technology.

According to MedAlertHelp who made the infographic below, elders use the internet for a variety of reasons, and with no particular pattern either.

About 71% of elders go online just about every day, with 11% visiting the web three to five times a week. With the advancement in technology improving various aspects of our lives, seniors are now taking advantage of the ease that the internet provides.

From the infographic below, it can be seen that about 40% of seniors use the web to stay updated with the latest global and political news, while 26% of them use it for games and entertainment, and a whopping 75% use it to communicate with friends and family. This, of course, is a major rise from the modest 14% internet oriented seniors at the turn of the century.

Age groups also matter in terms of what they mostly use the internet for. Younger seniors tend to use social media more often than the older ones, while those aged 70 and above more commonly search for medical information, news, and politics.

Research has shown that communication is a key part of their mental health, especially for elders who live far away from their families. With technology permeating more and more aspects of our everyday lives, the use of the internet and its influence on seniors is only set to rise as well.

Check out the infographic below for a more detailed analysis of the internet’s influence on the elderly.


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