blue-69764_1280How we live today has a profound effect on our health and well being in the future. Our habits and lifestyle controls most of our future health and lifespan. It also determines how well we will live our lives, including our financial, physical, and emotional states. Most doctors would agree that there are good habits and there are bad habits in every aspect of our lives, and we can determine or predict the future based on the standard of our lifestyle. Healthy habits and lifestyle will definitely lead to a healthier you in the future. As we have discussed in our earlier articles, a better and healthier life in general comes from discipline and regular practice. There are no quick fixes for achieving the fitness level you want or the financial freedom that you dream of, you just have to build your life one step at a time.

We live in a society that encourages instant results. We are mostly motivated by instant gratification. If there is pain involved, we tend to move away from it. But as the old saying goes, “no pain no gain,” it is not possible to achieve great results without putting in great efforts, which might seem to be painful at the moment. Achieving your goals means putting in extra effort, making sacrifices, and strong discipline. However, we are always looking for quick fixes and instant solutions. We would gladly take a pill to relax ourselves from pain and anxiety momentarily without thinking of long term benefits or solutions.

Long term health benefits

active-216194_1280When it comes to our health and appearance, the best way to address the issue is to make changes to our lifestyle and eating habits. We have heard expressions like,“you are what you eat”. Treatments, drugs, and surgery simply give you a quick fix, masking the real underlying issue, instead of addressing it. If you do not address the real health problems, you could get caught up in the vicious health cycles of drugs and treatments, according to a recent article by Donna Cardillo, RN, MA , called Lifestyle Changes, Long-term Benefits.

Role of medical care

Health care and medical facilities, medicines, doctors, and health technicians, are all dedicated to saving people’s lives. Your pharmacists and doctors can provide you with the best advice for you for a healthier and happier life. Medical care was designed to enhance our health, give us direction in maintaining our health, treat diseases, and also saving lives in acute life-threatening emergencies.

“An even greater component of medical effort is devoted to improving the quality of life, or more accurately, to preventing or to minimizing the poor quality of life associated with chronic disease: to the relief of pain, disfigurement, and disability.”- The role of medical care in contributing to health improvements within societies

It has a profound impact on the life expectancy of a country, where advanced medical centers and medical facilities are available. Preventive and curative measures can play a greater role in increasing life expectancies. Regular doctor checkups and a sound healthcare plan will keep you in shape and allow you to predict and take preventive measures for any future complications or detect early signs before it gets too complicated.

Start small for tremendous results

If you are not living a balanced life, you might find yourself in constant chaos. To start living a balanced life, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of money, make any big sacrifices or make any drastic changes in your lifestyle, unless you find yourself in a critical position. No matter what stage of life or age you are, you can also start making some changes in your lifestyle to start living a balanced life.

Change your life

1. Change your eating habits

active-18975_1920We have all heard of the old saying “We are what we it,” but what does it mean? As our lives get busier, we often don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a sensible meal. None the less, what we eat does have a profound effect on how we look, feel and perform in our daily tasks. For the beauty conscious women and men, this can be really important information to know how our food affects our skin, hair and overall appearance.

Food not only fuels us but it also makes us feel good, satisfying us physically and emotionally. Several types of foods also affect our minds. Food has also been linked with mental irritation, stress, anger, and other mental disorders including mood swings, insomnia and many other types of physical disorders.

We have plenty of tips on healthy diet and eating habits than enhance your life today and keeps you healthier as you age. You can find more information on balanced diet here Tips & Facts On Balanced Diet For A Healthier Living.

2. Quit smoking, drinking and abusing drugs
If you have a bad habit such as smoking, you know you are putting yourself at a high risk of physical disaster. Smoking has been linked with several diseases, including mouth and lung cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, breathing disorders, and too many more diseases to list here. The long term effects of smoking are also devastating. It makes you age faster, weakening every organ in your body, depriving you of oxygen and proper nutrition, especially in your brain and your skin tissues.

3. Follow a healthy lifestyle
A good lifestyle is a combination of the things that you do every day. It starts from the moment you get out of bed and ends before you fall asleep. In between, all your daily activities need to be designed based on healthy living guidelines, which you could call a Balanced Life. It means your life should be governed by a few simple rules that will not only keep you healthy, butalso improve all aspects of your life. These rules are designed to lift up your life in general.

4. Workout
We are physical beings, and so to stay active, we need to keep our bodies active. If you want to stay healthier and younger for longer, you have no other alternative to a regular workout routine. Regular exercise and workout routines can have many great health benefits.

5. Work/ life balance:Interact with friends and family
One of the most important aspects of the Balanced Life Team is to ensure a balance between work and personal life. We cannot be happy just by attaining our financial goals and taking care of our professional obligations. Our finances are only one aspect of a balanced life, and our happiness rides on all three “pillars” of a balanced life. We cannot be happy just by taking care of one aspect and neglecting the others.

A balanced life starts with the realization that you are going through a crisis in your life financial planningand something different needs to be done. Even if you are not facing a crisis, you could live a much better life and boost your living standards if you follow the expert advice and guidelines of the Balanced Life Team. These are comprised of people who are experts in their fields and have time-tested methods and advice for anyone who needs help.


“Balanced Life Team’s primary philosophy is that our lives cannot stand on only one pillar. In other words, you cannot make yourself happy and live a better life just by making lots of money.“ – Balanced Life Team (BLT) – How Can BLT Help You?

Watch our next bi-weekly NTP/CEED Huddle and learn more about the philosophies and initiatives of the Balanced Life Team from one of the founders, Bob Christadore. He’ll be sharing the life-changing realizations that caused him to transform his own life and create this Balanced Life Team.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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