How you pursue your career and seek jobs can make a great difference in maximizing your chances of getting hired at your dream job. Your job should not be something that you do, but should also be a career for you that take you ahead in life. To find a suitable job in your desired field, internet is a great way to search for jobs. To find the job you want, the first thing you will need to know is where to look for fobs. Below, we will discuss some of the techniques you can apply to maximize your possibilities of getting hired by a company that you want to build your career in

Build your online presence

It is important that people find you easily on the internet, and therefore, you should have your résumé posted on some of the largest online job search databases where a positional recruiting agency or company might look for employees. Post your profile and résumé to several of the job search recruiting portals across the internet. The information you post should be accurate, up to date, and comprehensive, so that it describes all your abilities, goals, objectives, experiences, voluntary works, special skills and training, references etc.

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Where to look for a job?

The old method of finding a job was looking in the news paper for want ads, and bulletin boards where job vacancies were posted. In the era of internet, things have changed a bit. You may already have noticed that every company or corporation that operates today has an online presence and portal on the internet. It makes it easier for both, companies that are looking for hard working talented individuals to fill up their positions and also for those who are trying to find those jobs that companies has to offer. The internet is the only tool today that has news paper, library, bulletin boards and everything else you need to find a job all rolled together into one single tool. So, you might have guessed it that internet is a great place to start looking for your dream job.

Best job sites and networks on the internet

  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn isn’t a typical job site containing job database, it’s simply a social media network site that emphasizes on creating a work related networks of professionals and allows you to connect with people in your related fields, who might be able to suggest jobs or make information available to you regarding companies that are hiring in your professional fields. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and it became a popular platform for all professionals in connecting and building relationships online with professionals.
  2. Craigslist: This is the first place where most employers would post their jobs. Craigslist is very popular job site among companies trying to hire suitable candidates that has free classified ad posting facilities. Craigslist’s job boards are especially useful for finding regional jobs. This site is also kept up to date and recent by most companies, and so, all the jobs posted on job boards of Craigslist are the jobs available now.
  3. Hotjobs: Job search is a very old traditional job search database site that was launched back in 1996. This site was originally started under a different name until it was purchased by Yahoo in 2002. Hotjobs operate in a similar way as other major job search sites, such as Monster or CareerBuilder. It has a huge data base of jobs and career opportunities, and you can also post your résumé on this site.
  4. CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder is the oldest job site with founded in 1995, with millions of jobs postings and thousands of companies looking for employees.
  5. Indeed: Indeed scours newspapers, company career pages and other job sites for its database. It retrieves data and shows you matching result with a similar search engine like Google.

How to prepare your résumé

A recruiter or an employer probably gets hundreds or even thousands of applications and résumés for the position he offers, and therefore, it becomes difficult to pick one out among the pile of letters. Your résumé has to stand out and be special for it to be picked and considered for the job. Read some tips given below for maximizing your chances of getting an interview from your potential employer.

Things to do on your résumé

· Write a good cover letter

A comer letter almost always makes the difference between getting a job interview and the résumé being thrown or ignored. Your cover letter should be written to complement your résumé, not duplicate it. A cover letter is your fist contact with your potential employer, and so, you should create a strong first impression. A summary of your résumé and a personal touch is always good. A cover letter can be written with basic two purposes in mind:

A letter of application: This is when you write to your employer in response to a job advertisement or job posting that you came across.

A letter of inquiry: This type of cover letter is written to the company or agency requesting information or clarification regarding a job, or just for making a connection with the company, incase future job openings become available.

· Add your image

Your image adds a personal touch to the résumé and increases your chances of getting noticed.

· Customize your résumé

You should take some time and extra care, customizing your résumé according to the company and job position you are applying for. You should gather enough knowledge about the company and tailor your résumé accordingly. Highlight the experience and training that you have related to the job specified in the advertisement. Also highlight any related skills or any helpful supporting job related training or qualifications, such as your education, what degree do you have that relates to the job? Do you have any special skills that help the job or might be useful at the job? And so on.

· Put relevant information and keywords

Do put all relevant information that you can provide. Make sure you have included all relevant information about yourself on the résumé. Always include the keywords from the job posting or job advertisement. If you do not include the keywords, it is most likely to go unnoticed or ignored by the employers as irrelevant.

Job Application Form· Make sure all information given is correct

Make sure that all information presented on your résumé is accurate and verifiable. Giving false information or misleading information on your résumé is an offense. Also check for any grammatical or spelling errors. Your résumé should not have any kind of errors, because it just gives your employer the wrong impression.

· Make sure all your contact information is included

All your contact information should be included, such as your home phone, your cellular phone number your email etc. so that you will be easy to get in contact with. Having your contact information on the résumé goes without saying. It should be on every page as footer, so that your employers can call you or contact you without having to flip through pages.

· Put voluntary work

Many employers look at voluntary work as extra credit for your résumé. Voluntary work proves that you have a good heart, and you will be useful for the company as well.

· Update your résumé

If your résumé looks too old fashioned, it might not get any attention from the employers.

Things to avoid on your résumé

· Don’t make it too long

Try to make your résumé as steam lined as possible. With page cover letter, it should be no longer than three pages long. You can eliminate your extra curriculum activities too if it’s an entry level job.

· Don’t put irrelevant information

Your résumé should not include anything that does not relate to the job, that just irritates your employers. For example if you are applying for a job as a computer programmer, your skills to operate a bob cat just isn‘t relevant.

How to post your résumé

When posting your résumé, do exactly what the company asks you to do. If they ask you to mail it in, and then mail it in, if they ask you to send an email, then do exactly that. They may also specifically ask you to send in a cover letter only or send only the resume, but do exactly what they ask you. If you cannot find enough information on how you should post your job application, call them up and ask them what you should do. For sending the résumé through postal mail, always use a full sized official envelope with labels and printed address on it. Include your return address and add the words “Résumé Included

How to prepare for an interview

Once you get a call for interview for a job, make sure you make notes about the specific times that the company asked you to appear for the interview so that you know exactly where and when to show up for the interview. Your job interview gives you an excellent opportunity to make a great impression for your employers. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a job interview.

Things to do for a job interview

· Analyze your job

Analyzing the company would give you a good idea about the company and what they are looking for in a candidate. You might also have to bring some additional things for the interview, so make preparations accordingly. Gather all the skills, qualifications, testimonials, references, and so on. Also research on the company on Google and get more ideas about on the company.

· Learn about the company

When you go in the interview, learn the most about the company, who the CEO is, who is, what their policy is, and how they operate their business.

· Dress appropriately

PresentationTo make a good impression, you must be dressed to impress. You have one chance to make a good impression on your employer, and so, it is very important that you dress professionally for the interview.

The most important way to get a job that you want is to research on companies that you would like to work in and contact them either by email or phone and ask them if they want to hire anyone. You can walk in and talk to the office assistant or someone who can put you in touch with someone who is in charge of hiring. Again, being persistent is the key to getting ahead. Make sure your resume is attractive enough to hold the attention of your employers or good enough to stand out. Make some extra effort to make it look good and impressive.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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