Thirsty? Grab a cup of water, because water is the best thing you can drink for your health. Water has always been my drink of choice when I am thirsty. When you are thirsty, chances are you are already dehydrated. Water quickly replaces the liquid that you lose through sweating or through exhaustion, heat, and other bodily functions.

water-472369_1280There are several other essential minerals that you can get from water like sodium, chlorine, iodine, and such if you chose to drink a bottle of commercial mineral water. Your municipal supply water also goes through several purification processes before it reaches your home. So, hydrate yourself with a pure cup of water.

Most of us do not drink enough water. Water is essential for good health and to maintain proper body weight. Without water, your internal organs, such as your bladder and your kidneys can’t function properly, your cells get congested and your skin cannot detox.

Are you hydrated enough?

On average, the human body is composed of roughly 70% of water. It may vary slightly depending on your body type, but it ranges from 55% to 78%, and therefore, keeping yourself hydrated with an adequate supply of water is essential. I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking enough water every day. So, whenever you are thirsty, drink some pure water, be it from your municipal supply tap water or from a bottle of mineral water.

What is in your mineral water?

Of course a good brand of mineral water will ensure that you get pure water with all the minerals your body needs, like sodium, calcium, nitrates and alkaline metals like potassium and calcium which are good for your bones.

7 Benefits of drinking more water

Simply drink more water to enhance specific functions of your body. Some of the benefits of drinking water are described below.

1. Slow your aging process

fresh-water-263777_1280Every organ, cell and system in our body needs water to function properly. If you stay dehydrated for long, every organ in your body has to work harder. Drinking more water will simply slow down your aging process, making you look, feel and stay younger – for longer. After an intense workout or walk, drink water with a little lemon and salt to give your body back the lost hydration. Avoid drinking soda, carbonated water or sports drinks.

2. Stay slim

When your cells are deprived of necessary nutrition and water, they send signals to the brain asking for more energy giving elements. You may interpret this as hunger and, in response, you may eat junk food and soda instead of water. Simply by drinking more water, you can keep your cells happy, and reduce the chances of getting fat.

3. Energize your body320px-Soldier_running_in_water

Even though water has no calories, it is one of the important sources of energy for your body. It helps cells to complete important enzymatic activities. Water contributes to a good night’s sleep that helps you to recharge your body, restore your bodily systems, and to produce enough energy to carry out all the necessary functions throughout the day.

4. Reduce high blood pressure

When you are fully hydrated, your blood contains 92% water, which helps blood to flow more easily through the arteries and veins, helping to reduce cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

5. Reduce allergies and asthma

Allergies and asthma are caused by histamines created in your body. When you are dehydrated, your body creates more histamine that results in more allergies and asthma attacks. If you have too many types of histamine, you will feel difficulty breathing along with other allergic reactions to elements in the atmosphere. Drinking more water will help you breathe easier by liquefying the mucus built in your chest and respiratory ducts.

6. Think and focus better

It has also been found through studies that drinking more water will help you to stay focused and concentrated better. Because your brain is mostly made of water, keeping hydrated helps our brain and cardiovascular functions working well.

7. Regulate body temperature

boy-416181_1280Proper water balance in your body will also help you to maintain body heat in the winter. The thermal properties of water and sweat from your body keep your skin cool and help you to maintain normal body temperature. A well-regulated body temperature will also make you feel more energetic when working out.

Drink at least 8-10 cups of water every day. Drinking tap water is equally good in the United States as drinking most commercial bottled water. Get a refillable water bottle and fill it up with tap water or filtered water from home and take it with you on the go to reduce pollution from plastic water bottles. You can save a significant amount of landfill space if you reduce pollution from plastic water bottles.

To ensure that you get your 8-10 cups per day, consider using a thermos or larger bottle which you can fill with the full amount needed for the day. Keep refilling your glass from this bottle and you will be sure that you drank your full amount when the bottle is empty! If you struggle to drink the full amount, ease your way into the new habit by increasing the amount each day until you reach your goal.

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Sources:  Nourish the Planet

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